The Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies prepares students to understand the field of education.

This degree program benefits students who are seeking jobs in non-school settings and want to deepen their understanding about teaching and learning. For example, many community organizations and non-profits work closely with schools and the education of children and adolescents. Other students may be interested in a degree in education that will provide a strong background for a graduate degree in fields such as social work or public administration.

The undergraduate major of Educational Studies will provide a foundation for students in three areas: learners and learning, educational systems and pedagogy. The major will not lead to teacher certification as it is designed to be applicable to anyone interested in learning more about how people learn and how to use the foundational knowledge of education in a variety of different work environments.

For those interested in PK-12 teacher certification, please refer to the Elementary (K-8) Certification program or the Secondary (6-12) Certification program.

  • Program Goals

    Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies program will:

    • Acquire knowledge of educational systems
    • Understand how students develop and learn
    • Recognize and value diversity within an educational setting
    • Make informed decisions about learning based on assessment

Undergraduate Programs

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