The K-8 STEMM Teaching Certificate is designed to enhance students’ content knowledge in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.

Students will be able to use best pedagogical practices for teaching K-8 STEMM lessons, and successfully integrate the STEMM disciplines into lessons and units. 

  • CEHHS students in the elementary certification program elect one content area for a major with about 20 percent selecting either science or mathematics.
  • The new certificate provides students with the opportunity to take additional coursework in engineering, STEM education, health related courses, as well as science or mathematics.
  • While the UM-Dearborn K-8 STEMM Teaching Certificate does not lead to a state endorsement, it will provide evidence of the additional preparation in STEMM for K-8 teachers.

The certificate consists of 15 undergraduate credit hours, including the newly developed EXPS 400: STEMM Teaching and Learning. Students will participate in exemplary examples of STEMM curricula and learn how to integrate the STEMM disciplines within lessons and units for K-8 students.

Certificate goals

The UM-Dearborn K-8 STEMM Teaching Certificate has the following goals for students in the program. Students are:

  1. Knowledgeable in the content, skills and practices of the STEMM disciplines.
  2. Knowledgeable in the use of pedagogy to integrate the STEMM disciplines into effective lessons and units.
  3. Prepared to be effective educators in K-8 STEMM teaching.

How to apply

Certificate completion

In order to receive your certificate, you need to complete a Certificate Completion Application.  The application should be submitted at the beginning of the term in which you expect to complete your certificate requirements.  Certificates are awarded three times a year and distributed by mail.  The Certificate Completion Application must be submitted on or before the last day of classes in order to be processed within the term in which it is submitted.  Students completing a certificate only are not allowed to participate in Commencement.


Department Contact Information

CEHHS Office for Student Success
262 Fairlane Center South (FCS)

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