Celebrating Your Impact at UM-Dearborn

Celebrating Donors

Your giving changes lives.

When you choose to give to the University of Michigan-Dearborn, you are making the choice to support students presently in need, while also investing in their futures. Check out the video below to see how four UM-Dearborn students have overcome obstacles and grown as leaders and individuals – all thanks to you!

Your support shapes the future of UM-Dearborn.

Chancellor Domenico Grasso

Chancellor Domenico Grasso

"Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Higher education needs to be attainable, affordable, and civically-engaged, touching the lives of as many people as possible where they live and work. Whether you made a gift for the first time this year or give annually, your philanthropy serves as an investment in the future of UM-Dearborn, our students, and our community. The collective impact of your giving cannot be understated. Thank you for all you do for our students and this great campus."

Dean Marty Hershock, College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters

Dean Marty Hershock

"The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters is indebted to our donors for their generosity. Without your support and ongoing encouragement we would not be able to do the many amazing things we are actively engaged in. Your gifts have helped dozens of students reach their final goal of a college degree by providing them with the last little bit of funding necessary to get them to graduation. It supports them as they engage in high impact learning practices such as mentored research, internships, and study abroad. And, now, it is supporting the college's efforts to focus the educational experience on Practice-Based Learning and the application of classroom knowledge and real world experience, to the resolution of real world problems, thus making content and application tangible directly to our student body. We could not do any of this without your support. Thank you for all that you do for CASL!"

Dean Raju Balakrishnan, College of Business

Dean Raju Balakrishnan

"The recently added Mitchell Business Communication Lab will help our students further develop their written and oral communication skills. The renovated Bloomberg Finance Lab is providing students with real-world experience managing a live portfolio. Donor support enables us to provide such benefits to our students in addition to numerous scholarships. Your gifts help us deliver a high-quality, affordable education, create practical experiences for our students, and develop the next generation of business and community leaders."

Dean Ann Lampkin-Williams, College of Education, Health, & Human Services

Dean Ann Lampkin-Williams

"A sincere thank you from the College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS). Your gifts directly impact CEHHS students and assist the college in achieving its mission of providing future leaders with the preparation needed to go into a world ready to succeed. You are making a difference and in partnership with you, we look forward to all of the professional achievements our graduates will accomplish."

Dean Ghassan Kridli, College of Engineering & Computer Science

Dean Ghassan Kridli

"The generosity of donors has had a tremendous impact on both the affordability and the quality of undergraduate College of Computer Science and Engineering degrees. Your contributions enable us to educate students in state-of-the-art facilities such as the Engineering Lab Building and integrate project-based, experiential learning to our curriculum. Gifts to the college also allow us to provide aid to students who experience unexpected financial hardships. CECS is able to support our students so well and in so many ways because of your support. Thank you for all you do for tomorrow's engineers and computer scientists!"

When your gifts come together, we all win.

Infographic of Your Gift to UM-Dearborn

This year, your giving has helped shape UM-Dearborn in new and exciting ways.

Magna enhances the student experience

This winter, Magna Services of America, Inc. made a generous contribution to various campus initiatives, programs, and learning spaces. Their support of an Informal Learning Space in the new Engineering Lab Building will provide an ergonomic and fun place for students to gather. Additionally, Magna supported several student teams and professional organizations within the College of Engineering and Computer Science. This will help students meet their competition goals, make connections, and prepare them for a fulfilling career in engineering. Magna's generous contribution also sponsored this year's Senior Design Day, as well as the Talent Gateway's (M) Talent Showcase. Both events give students the opportunity to put their educational experience into practice, solving complex problems, presenting their solutions to a panel of judges, and demonstrating their oral, written, and visual communication skills.

A bright future for UM-Dearborn Athletics

This academic year, we welcomed a full return to athletic activities at UM-Dearborn. Our student-athletes represent what it means to be leaders and best, and so do their supporters. On Giving Blueday, the athletic teams faced off in a friendly competition to reach the most donors, and win additional funds to support their team. Athletics donors gave over $28,000 to UM-Dearborn teams, and Volleyball won the competition with almost 70 donors. This support will create experiences and memories for our student-athletes that will last a lifetime by funding travel for competition, purchasing new equipment, and ensuring their health and safety with food and injury prevention. 

UM-Dearborn community comes together to feed students

The Student Food Pantry has been helping students facing food insecurity and accessibility since 2012. With a goal to raise $5,000 to purchase a new freezer and stock the pantry on Giving Tuesday, supporters from across UM-Dearborn answered the call. Thanks to the generosity of our community, donors gave a total of $9,420. This amount, raised in just one day, will help feed hundreds of UM-Dearborn students, and allow them to focus on their education instead of their next meal.

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