The Executive Speaker Series invites national and international business leaders to discuss critical business and economic issues before an audience of students, faculty and community members.

The series focuses on diverse business topics that include changes in the business climate, future trends, and specific issues relevant to Michigan based businesses.


The College of Business, with support from Gardner-White, presents "The Effects of Changing Regulation on Business Competitiveness: What Will Make America Great Again?"

The benefit of government regulation is to provide protection to individuals, the environment, and organizations. However, in 2016 the estimated cost of government regulation hit $2 trillion per year. For many businesses, the cost of regulation compliance (direct or hidden) exceeds their annual federal tax liability. At its peak in 2015, the federal government issued 81,611 pages for 3,378 new regulations, with the current cost of regulation now estimated at $20,000 per Amercian worker. The current administration is now pushing for deregulation, tax reform, income repatriation, and changes to specific regulation such as Dodd Frank.

Stepping back from the political hype and winds, how can we balance the cost of regulation with its benefits? What regulations can actually be stream lined, amended, or eliminated? And how can we use this process to improve the business environment in American? 


Teri Takai, Senior Adviser, Center for Digital Government

Laurie A. Harbour, President and CEO, Harbour Results, Inc

Diane Dossin, Chief Tax Officer, The Ford Motor Company

October 5, 2017, 7:30 am - 9:30 am

Michigan Room, Fairlane Center South,
University of Michigan–Dearborn College of Business
19000 Hubbard Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126

Free registration & breakfast provided.

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