Executive Speaker Series: The Effects of Changing Regulation on Business Competitiveness

October 5, 2017

Our panel of experts discusses the effects of regulation on business competitiveness.

The benefit of government regulation is to provide protection to individuals, the environment, and organizations. However, in 2016 the estimated cost of government regulation reached $2 trillion per year, and for many businesses the cost of compliance exceeds their annual federal tax liability.

The current administration is now pushing for deregulation, tax reform, income repatriation, and other changes.  How can we balance the cost of regulation with its benefits? What regulations can be simplified or eliminated? And how can we improve the business environment in the U.S.?


Diane Dossin, Chief Tax Officer, Ford Motor Company
Jeff Jewell, Vice President and Controller, DTE Energy
Teri Takai, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government
Paul Traub, Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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