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iLabs, the University's Center for Innovation Research, connects faculty and student researchers with businesses, government agencies and nonprofits to advance the understanding of innovation and its impact on economic development.

iLabs is housed within the University's College of Business. iLabs, a research institute established in 2006, is dedicated to advancing the understanding of corporate, entrepreneurial, and institutional innovation and its impact on economic development. Our highly skilled faculty researchers and dedicated student research assistants conduct customized research, develop strategic goals, and identify opportunities that culminate in the creation of value for iLabs partners.

Center for Innovation Research - iLabs
It was the work that I did with iLabs that really got my foot in the door and gave me an edge over others, because basically I had a semester of market research.
Nick Carulli, J.D. Power, Graduated in 2007

Research Services

Business Links

iLabs helps organizationsbusinesses, nonprofits, or government agencies tackle their toughest challenges and answer their most difficult questions with researchers from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Projects and Studies

iLabs conducts research for external organizations/clients as well as internal departments at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 


iLabs proudly supports entrepreneurship on campus and in the State of Michigan. Below are a few of the resources and connections available to help with your business ideas.


eCities is iLabs' annual research study that examines community-level factors that influence entrepreneurship, economic development, and job growth. Local communities who participate in the project receive benchmarking reports that help leaders evaluate their efforts in supporting local business and encouraging entrepreneurial growth. Similarly, businesses in each locality have the opportunity to identify the resources they think are critical to support local business growth through our Business Retention Survey.

UM-Dearborn Business Idea Pitch

The UM-Dearborn Business Idea Pitch is a competition that help students build skills in marketing, critical thinking, and communication. Students develop these skills by learning about the region's most pressing concerns-- Healthy Food and Mobility. Students are also presented with an opportunity to pitch creative ideas about resolving mobility and healthy food access issues in the region. They have a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes by proposing solutions to ease these regional issues. 

Student Opportunities

Student Involvement

University of Michigan-Dearborn students are eligible to participate in iLabs and gain hands-on experience in applied research skills.

iLabs Center for Innovation Research

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