The English Language Proficiency Program (ELPP) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn offers several supplemental courses to help you improve your English skills. Students in the 3+2 and Visiting Programs should be aware that Master's Program admission requires a score of 84 on the Internet-Based TOEFL, 6.5 on the IELTS, or 80 on the MELAB.

Course offerings

Special accelerated courses are usually offered during the month of August. Courses are also usually offered in both the fall semester (September-December) and winter semester (January-April).

  • 3+2 and Visiting students may especially wish to consider one or more of the following courses:

    • ELP 400 (6 hours/week)  Advanced Academic Reading and Vocabulary
    • ELP 410 (6 hours/week)  Advanced Academic Oral Communication
    • ELP 420 (6 hours/week)  Advanced Academic Writing and Grammar
    • ELP 480 (3 hours/week)  English Proficiency Test (MELAB) Preparation
    • ELP 501 (6 hours/week)  English for Academic Purposes -- Reading and Writing
    • ELP 511 (6 hours/week)  English for Academic Purposes -- Oral Communication
    • ELP 521 (6 hours/week)  English for Academic Purposes -- Writing and Grammar
    • ELP 570 (4.5 hours/week) Business English

Costs and degree credit

Based on 2014-15 rates, ELP courses cost an extra $280 per weekly contact hour (or $840 for a full semester of a 3-hour per week course). 

ELP courses are meant to supplement your regular academic program. They do not count toward degree requirements in the Master's Program. 3+2 and Visiting Program students should ask their home university before planning to use ELP courses toward the bachelor's degree requirements at their home university. ELP courses are listed on a supplemental academic transcript at UM-Dearborn, but not on the student's primary academic transcript. 

Contact the English Language Proficiency Program Coordinator for additional information about these and other English Language Proficiency courses.