In addition to participating in traditional business internships, some of our students may choose to have a direct impact on the local community through our Internship Scholarship Program (ISP) with nonprofit organizations.

While most of our internships are paid, there may be a nonprofit agency that offers valuable experience to COB students. In exchange for this experience we may be able to offer a lump-sum scholarship, paid in a future semester, for this hands-on experience.

Nonprofit agencies that our Internship Program has partnered with include:

  • The Children's Center
  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan
  • Junior Achievement
  • Detroit Medical Center
  • Accounting Aid Society
  • Trinity Health
  • Young Detroit Builders
  • Vista Maria
  • Beyond Basics

Students, if you have a nonprofit agency that you would like to work with, send us an email outlining your intentions to

Nonprofit agencies, if you want to explore potential opportunities where our students can get engaged with your nonprofit agency, give us a call or send us an email to

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