Here are tools you'll need to launch your career.

There are many career paths you can take after graduating from The University of Michigan-Dearborn. The transition from college to career is exciting but can be daunting. With some skills and preparation, the transition can be made easier.  

Ready to Start Applying for Positions

Symplicity/Career Connections is the software that will be used to look for and apply to available opportunities including job/internship postings and on-campus recruiting. 


Participation in an internship will provide you with professional business experience with pre-screened employers which, in turn, will enhance your employability upon graduation.

Internship for Credit

Once you have been formally offered an approved internship, you may register for one of the Business Internship classes and receive 1 or 3 credits for your experience. Most internships are considered elective credits. The Human Resource Management degree and Finance degree may offer core credit. You are allowed to register for 2 additional classes while registered for a full-time 3 credit internship. There are no limitations for a part-time 1-credit internship.

No Credit Internship

All COB students that are part of the Internship program can elect to participate in an internship for no credit. This “class” is completely online and students are highly encouraged to participate. Activities include 2 survey/questionnaires and a report upon completion of the semester. Once you have submitted your offer letter you will be added to the No Credit Internship Course in Canvas. Your final report will be available to future internship candidates that are considering that internship. This is your opportunity to offer advice to future students and potential co-workers.

Career Placement Program

Our Career Placement Program (CPP) will assist COB students in discovering career paths, and finding and securing post-degree positions upon graduation.

To be eligible for the Career Placement Program students must be within 2 semesters of actual degree completion or graduation. Domestic graduate students are immediately eligible for this program. Students may request an intake meeting with Ms. Wheeler via Symplicity/Career Connections

Internship and Career Management Center

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