COB joins Global Finance Network with the Bloomberg Terminal

May 22, 2018

The Bloomberg Terminal allows students to monitor and analyze real-time financial market data.

Most mid-sized to large corporate finance and treasury departments, including top brokers, investors and portfolio managers, use the Bloomberg Terminal to make financial decisions.

And now, so will College of Business students.

A dozen Bloomberg Terminals—located in the renamed Bloomberg Finance Lab in Fairlane Center South—will be up and running by June.

Accounting and Finance Department Chair Lee Redding said the best way to prepare students for their careers is to give them access to the right technology and tools. The new terminals will help students see how to turn knowledge into action.

“To get problems solved correctly, you need real-time investment information. With the Bloomberg machines, that’s what we have.”

With the new terminals, students can also pursue a Bloomberg Certification, which would allow them to place their resumes on the Bloomberg network.

“Familiarity with Bloomberg is a door-opener; working on Bloomberg machines is something many of our students will use in their careers, and having this access will give them an important advantage with employers,” Redding explained.

COB finance faculty are ready to put the Bloomberg Terminals—with their iconic red, yellow and green coded keyboard—to use.

“We will integrate the terminals into a new trading course offered for the first time this summer,” said Finance Lecturer Nicholas Vlisides, who has worked in corporate finance and treasury for more than 25 years. “Bloomberg Terminal sets the standard for use in corporate finance, including the pricing of debt/equity issuance and derivative valuations.”

The addition of the Bloomberg Terminal supports Dean Raju Balakrishnan’s initiatives to deliver experiential learning opportunities with real-world applications.

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