College of Business Alumni Recognized for Volunteer and Philanthropic Efforts


Two College of Business alumni were recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals during last year's National Philanthropy Day.

pfaehler family
pfaehler family
Kris Pfaehler with his wife Ruth, and daughter Amy

National Philanthropy Day is celebrated annually by over 130 Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters across the country. Philanthropy Day was created by Congress to recognize those individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations whose philanthropic activities contribute to our communities and set a standard of philanthropy for others to emulate.

The Greater Detroit Chapter Association recognized two College of Business Alumni on November 9, at the 26th annual National Philanthropy Day. Congratulations to Kris Pfaehler and Ian Waldo for this recognition. 

Kris Pfaehler

Kris is a dedicated volunteer for the College of Business. He is a mentor for students in the Entrepreneurial Thinking and Behavior class, he was a judge for the 2016 eCities program, and he serves on the College of Business Board of Advisors. In addition, he established the Kris and Ruth Pfaehler Scholarship for College of Business students. He is dedicated to seeing students succeed and is always willing to help with new volunteer opportunities

Ian Waldo

Ian's enthusiasm for volunteering is inspiring. He has been a mentor to College of Business students for several years, giving helpful career advice and encouragement. He also was the Chair of the College of Business Alumni Affiliate Board. In this role, he led a team of volunteers in raising money for student groups at the College of Business through our annual wine tasting fundraising event. His positive presence makes a difference with alumni and students. 

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