Executive Speaker Series: Continuing Michigan’s Business Development and eCities 2018 Award Recognition

November 30, 2018

Our panel of experts discuss Michigan’s economic growth.

During what some have called the "lost decade" of 2000-2009, Michigan’s economy declined by 11%, while the U.S. economy grew by 12%. Since then, however, the state has had one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. Much of the turnaround has occurred in southeastern Michigan, but metro areas in western and northern Michigan have made strides, as well. This year, eCities and the Executive Speaker Series will join together for a panel discussion on Michigan’s economic growth, including key areas such as capital, infrastructure, industry, and the ecosystem.

What plans and policies have promoted our state’s economic recovery? Who have been the major players? What factors have supported and impeded this economic growth? How has the expansion of a diverse portfolio of industries in Michigan affected the landscape? Do we have the skilled workforce required to continue this growth?

William Adams, Senior International Economist, PNC Financial Services Group
Maureen Miller Brosnan, Executive Director Michigan Venture Capital Association
Jeff Marston, V.P. of Business Services, Comcast Business, Heartland Region (Michigan, Indiana & Kentucky)

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