Executive Speaker Series: Selling in the Global Economy

March 25, 2019

Our panel of experts discuss selling in the global economy.

In order to grow and thrive, businesses must be able to communicate a compelling value proposition to consumers, clients, and other businesses. However, strategies for growth are complicated in the global marketplace. For example, many US companies have struggled to communicate a compelling value proposition among different nationalities, cultures, genders, age groups, and other social categories. Beyond that, expanding internationally has required US companies to navigate a host of trade-related issues, including tariffs, differences in legal systems, and challenges created by collaborating with local businesses in other countries.

The purpose of this panel is to discuss the future of selling American goods and services in the global marketplace. What political and legal issues do US businesses face? How can they effectively develop products and services to satisfy a wide range of consumers and businesses around the world? How has the effectiveness of traditional advertising decreased, and what new marketing methods and technologies will help US companies communicate their value proposition in the global marketplace?

Johan de Nysschen, former Executive Vice President, General Motors
Frank O’Brien, Executive Vice President, Magna International
Chris Samfilippo, founder, MarketSpark! and Lecturer, University of Michigan-Dearborn

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