Executive Speaker Series: What Really Drives the Economy? The Effects of State and Local Government on the Market

October 12, 2018

Our panel of experts discusses the effects of state and local government on the market.

Most people know the federal government uses fiscal and monetary policies in an effort to guide the US economy through cycles of boom and bust. However, many people underestimate the extent to which state and local governments also affect the economy. Whether through tax abatements, infrastructure projects, zoning rules, programs to develop a skilled labor pool, or other methods, state and local governments significantly affect the economic climate at the regional level. 

So what can state, regional, and local governments do to create opportunities for businesses and their workforces? What types of government intervention work against economic growth? And how can state and local governments help their regions weather economic downturns in the national and global economy? These are the topics of today’s discussion.


Sandy Baruah, President and CEO, Detroit Regional Chamber
Patrick Green, Representative, Michigan House
David Lewis, President, AT&T
Paul Traub, Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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