Get to Graduation Scholarship


A new College of Business scholarship provides support to soon-to-be graduates.

Kimberly Bell is a working mom who is determined to complete her bachelor’s degree. Kimberly started her education at Marygrove College, completed an associate’s degree at Henry Ford College, and has been working on her bachelor’s degree in the College of Business (COB) since 2012.

She was funding her education with secured loans until this term, when, with one course to go, she became ineligible to borrow additional money.

“My plan was to pay my tuition off in monthly installments. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I had to pay off my balance before I would be eligible to receive my diploma. I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I found out that I was going to receive a scholarship from the College of Business. It completely blew me away.”

Kimberly is one of three students selected to receive the Get to Graduation Scholarship this semester. COB Dean Raju Balakrishnan said the Get to Graduation Scholarship has been established starting this fall to support students like Kimberly who are just short of completing their degrees and have exhausted their financial resources. The scholarship was created through the COB Annual Fund which is supported by many donors to benefit COB students.

“We got the idea from a similar scholarship the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters launched last year. We saw the success and impact it was having on their students, and we wanted to give our students the same opportunity,” Dean Balakrishnan said.

Another student who received this scholarship was John Mertic who plays soccer for the University of Michigan-Dearborn and completed an internship at Disney World last winter.

To make ends meet, he currently has an internship at DENSO International and works for a catering company on the weekends. He plans to graduate this semester, but like Kimberly, he had run out of options to borrow additional money.

“When I heard I would be receiving this scholarship I was overjoyed because I had used up my federal financial aid and was having difficulty securing additional private loans. This was a huge relief, and I was so excited I immediately called my parents to tell them the news.”

Dumitru Bodiu is the third student to receive the Get to Graduation Scholarship this semester. He works full time at UPS Freight and, like the other recipients, had exhausted all other options to fund his remaining courses.

Dumitru has been working on his degree in supply chain management and hopes one day to own a logistics company. “It is great to see the College support students like me who have to work full time and support their families while attending school.”

Dean Balakrishnan says he is “thankful to have the generous support of donors who make this and other scholarships possible. We look forward to awarding this scholarship to deserving students in future semesters.”

You can support the Get to Graduation Scholarship by donating online.

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