Supply Chain Association Earns Honorable Mention in Supply Chain Case Competition

April 2, 2019

COB’s Supply Chain Association represented University of Michigan-Dearborn at the National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case Competition in Minnesota.

Last month, four members of the Supply Chain Association competed in the seventh annual National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case Competition at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management. The competition brought together thirteen teams from programs such as Michigan State University, Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite the tough competition, COB's team received an honorable mention, making them the first team from the University of Michigan-Dearborn to earn this recognition.

The four-member team from COB was selected to represent UM-Dearborn after winning a supply chain case competition within COB earlier this year. This team included Mohammad Nadeem (Information Systems Management), Sarah Dalian (Supply Chain Management), Amber Bageris (Industrial Engineering) and Cody Cardoza (Industrial Engineering).

The team spent two-and-a-half months preparing for the national competition, including three Saturdays in which they presented solutions to practice cases in front of a panel of judges consisting of alumni and industry leaders.

During the national competition the team had twenty-four hours to create a new supply-chain network for 3M using historical data. The teams were tasked with designing a fulfillment process that would meet customer demands for two-day shipping of 3M products.  

Students Testimonials

"I was offered the opportunity to participate in Nationals during a time when I had a lot of responsibilities on my plate. I decided that I will never get an opportunity like this again and it would be foolish to pass it up, and I was right. This experience was advantageous to my networking, career, academics, and it allowed me to apply all the skills I learned in class. To future students, don't pass up opportunities that are presented to you just because you think you can't handle them, you will surprise yourself." -Sarah

“Although the teams were there to compete, we still had opportunities to network with students from other schools, and we made some lasting friendships. During the 24 hour challenge, you really learn a lot about yourself and your teammates when you're in the thick of it. This competition helped me gain knowledge about how to approach cases like these in the future.” -Cody

"The sense of community and encouragement was one of the most profound experiences. From the hosts and company sponsors to the student volunteers, there were so many people there to help encourage us in our careers. The teams were there to win, but everyone was also there to grow and help each other out. After the competition, teams from other schools shared their experiences and tips as a way to lift each other up. We all knew that we are only as good as our weakest link, and keeping the competition tough is what makes us innovative professionals in the long run. It was an honor to work both against and alongside them" -Amber

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