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The College of Business welcomes students from Princess Sumaya University for Technology to participate in special bachelor's degree and visiting programs.

We encourage applications from students with business and non-business majors.

Bachelor's Program

The College of Business and PSUT have collaborated to create a special program that allows students to complete their first two years at PSUT and then transfer to UM-Dearborn to complete their final two years. Students must successfully complete all 61 credits of course requirements at PSUT as they are listed on the 2+2 curriculum guide in order to qualify for the program.

After successful completion of the BBA, students may apply for admission to the Master’s Program at UM-Dearborn.

Most 2+2 program students enroll in 12-15 credits (4-5 courses) at UM-Dearborn each fall semester (September-December) and winter semester (January-April). 

Guest Students

Students in the Visiting Guest Program may enroll at UM-Dearborn as undergraduate guests for up to one year of study. Students need to confirm with PSUT that the courses they plan to study at UM-Dearborn will be accepted towards their bachelor's degree from PSUT.

After successful completion of the bachelor's degree, students may apply for admission to the Master’s Program at UM-Dearborn.

Master's Program

2+2 and any other PSUT students who are nearing completion of a bachelor’s degree are welcome to apply for admission to the Master's Program.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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