BBA programs can be completed during the day, on an evening-only schedule, part time or full time.

This information affects students admitted to UM-Dearborn as freshmen beginning Fall 2015 -Winter 2017.  

BBA 4.0

  • Prerequisites

    Accounting 298 - Financial Accounting
    Accounting 299 - Managerial Accounting
    Business Administration 100 - College of Business Foundations
    Composition 105 - Writing & Rhetoric I
    Composition 280 - Business Writing & Rhetoric*
    Economics 201 - Macroeconomics
    Economics 202 - Microeconomics
    Information Systems Management / Information Technology Management 120 - Business Problem Solving w/ Computer Applications
    Math 104 or 105 - College Algebra or Precalculus
    Decision Science 300 - Quantitative Model & Analysis
    Operations Management 300 - Introduction to Operations Management

    BBA Prerequisites of ACC 298/299, BA 100, COMP 105/280, ECON 201/202, ISM / ITM 120, and all math courses leading up to Math 104/105, must be completed with a C minimum.  DS 300 and OM 300 must be completed with a minimum grade of D-. 

    * Students transferring to the College of Business from another academic unit or from outside of UM-Dearborn, may substitute COMP 106 or 270 for this requirement.

  • Critical Thinking Requirement

    Philosophy 233 - Critical Thinking

  • Dearborn Discovery Core (General Education)

    For a listing of courses that can apply towards the general education requirements, visit the DDC web page.

    Humanities and Arts - 2 courses
    Intersections - 2 courses*
    Natural Sciences - 2 courses; one must include a lab
    Social and Behavioral Analysis - 3 courses*
    Critical and Creative Thinking - 1 course*
    Quantitative Thinking & Problem Solving - 1 course*
    Upper Level Writing Intensive Course - 1 course*
    Written and Oral Communication - 2 courses*
    Capstone Experience - 1 course*

    *Students should work with their academic advisor to learn which College of Business requirements can also apply towards DDC requirements.

  • Core Courses

    Business Administration 300 - Career Planning & Development
    Business Administration 320 - Project Management & Leadership Skills
    Business Administration 330 - Managerial Communications
    Business Administration 400 - Corporate Responsibility
    Business Economics 401 - Managerial Economics
    Business Policies and Strategies 451 - Strategic Management
    Finance 401 - Corporate Finance
    Information Systems Management / Information Technology Management 310* or Accounting Information Systems 380/381*
    Law and Environment 452 - Legal Environment of Business
    Organizational Behavior 354 - Behavior in Organization
    Marketing 352 - Marketing Principles & Policies

    *Students majoring in Accounting must take ACC 380/381. Students majoring in Finance and General Business may choose between ISM / ITM 310 and ACC 380/381. All other majors must complete ISM / ITM 310.

  • Majors

    The majors typically consist of 15 - 21 credits. The full list of options can be found here.

  • Electives

    A minimum of 123 credit hours must be completed to earn the BBA. Students should work with their academic advisor to determine how many credits are needed to meet this requirement. 

  • Program Goals and Objectives

    Goal 1: Students will be knowledgeable about the business disciplines.

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental business content.

    Goal 2: Students will be effective communicators.

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Communicate effectively in writing.
    2. Produce professional quality oral presentations.

    Goal 3: Students will be effective team members.

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Collaborate effectively in teams.

    Goal 4: Students will be competent in the application of technology.

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Apply technological tools to business situations.

    Goal 5: Students will be knowledgeable about global business practice and managing a diverse workforce.

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Explain different business opportunities and challenges in a global environment.
    2. Explain approaches to working with or managing persons different from themselves.

    Goal 6: Students will be knowledgeable about ethical principles and their application.

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Demonstrate understanding of academic integrity in their coursework.
    2. Identify an ethical dilemma and apply an ethics model or framework to propose and defend a resolution.

    Goal 7: Students will apply critical thinking skills to business situations

    Objective: BBA students will:

    1. Analyze business situations and recommend managerial responses.


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