Information Systems Management / Information Technology Management is the study of computer-based information systems and their function in a business organization.

This course of study includes the components of computer-based information systems: hardware, software, telecommunications, databases, people (the people who develop, manage, run, program, maintain, and use the systems), and procedures (strategies, policies, methods, and rules involved in all aspects of information systems). This program teaches these principles and their application in a holistic and integrated fashion using a combination of traditional classroom instruction, case studies, projects, and hands-on methods.

Information Systems Management / Information Technology Management Major Requirements - 21 Credits

  • Required Courses

    ISM / ITM 301 - Business Applications Programming
    ISM / ITM 321 - Database Systems I
    ISM / ITM 331 - Info Systems Development
    ISM / ITM 351 - Networking & Collaborative Computing
    ISM / ITM 431 - Database Systems II

  • Choose Two Courses

    ISM / ITM 302 - Object-Oriented Programming
    ISM / ITM 343 - Social Network Analysis
    ISM / ITM 347 - Information Visualization: Business Insights via Storytelling
    ISM / ITM 371 - IT Strategy: Disrupting Industry Norms, Practices, and Structures
    ISM / ITM 382 - Advanced Computer Applications
    ISM / ITM 383 - Information Technology Security
    ISM / ITM 387 - Digital Security: Threat Prevention and Management

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