The National Society of Leadership and Success

                   University of Michigan - Dearborn Chapter Since January 2010


The National Society of Leadership and Success provides many positions to display your leadership skills. Committees, such as the Communications Committee, Event Planning Committee, and the Community Outreach Committee, are formed by the students and they work together to accomplish their goals. If you have suggestions or feedback for a specific committee, please contact the committee chair.

Executive Student Committee

Chair: Jacqueline Donnelly

Senior;  Major: Psychology   Minor: Philosophy
NSLS has provided me with a phenomenal leadership opportunity!  I have learned how to effectively collaborate with others and became a better leader.  I encourage all NSLS members to take advantage of opportunities through the program, whether it's a community service initiative, social event, or leadership opportunity with the Executive Committee.  I look forward to working with you all!

Vice-Chair: Nour Khaled
Junior;  Major: Biology and Psychology (Pre-med)
NSLS placed a big impact  in my life with  the strategies I have toward life. I've learned how to  make short term goals and to accomplish my long term goals.  This society allowed me to meet great people that I would have never met outside of the society. Overall, I gained a great leadership experience. My goal now is to help you!

Secretary: Francisca Berry
Senior;  Major: English Minors: Criminal Justice & Writing
I am Secretary and former Community Service Chair of NSLS. During my time on the Executive Committee I have participated in Relay for Life, organized Birthday Cards for Foster Kids, and collected donations for Taylor Animal Shelter. I enjoy building relationships with new people and love giving back to our community! 

Membership Outreach Chair: Margaret Ham-Manciel 

Junior; Majors: Communication in Organization, Urban and Regional Studies,and Liberal Arts Management
NSLS gives me the purpose to do the best the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that God has given me. My desire is to do empower others to excel. I am also a committee member of the S.O.A.R. Program and a Co-Owner of a 501 (C)3 Nonprofit Organization.

SNT Coordinator: Atheer Tabook

Junior;  Majors: Microbiology & Biological Sciences
NSLS is a leadership development opportunity and a success pathway. It helped me build a wide social network and gave me the chance to improve my skills. NSLS has a big impact on my academic and career decisions. It is an honor to be part of this society.

Publicity Chair: Jewell Jones
Junior;  Major: Finance and Political Science
NSLS is an opportunity.  To cultivate yourself into an integral member of society.  Not that you cannot accomplish that task without the NSLS - however, with the NSLS, you are able to grow as an individual with a league of other individuals who help push you, and mold you int a more well-rounded person.  The relationships you build here can sustain you for the rest of your lives.  The words and knowledge you gain from speakers, may be just what you need to take it to the next level.  The experience is like no other - IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK.  You reap what you sow.  So excel and work hard in the NSLS.  And, encourage others to do the same.  Your reward will definitely be worth it.  

Treasurer: Patrick Pinkowski
Junior;  Major: Finance
I am a Junior standing and a finance major.  I plan to continue into the graduate program to earn his Master's of Science in Finance. I transferred from Henry Ford College (HFC) after graduating with an Associate's Degree in Business and Administration.  During my time at HFC, I became a member and the treasurer of their NSLS chapter.  I transferred to the UM-Dearborn chapter in the Winter 2016 semester and plan to set and achieve goals with members and work with HFC's chapter.