Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Do not add any words or other images to a logo or modify the logo with an unauthorized typeface.
  • Do not modify, distort, obscure and computer or camera enhance a logo in any way. (i.e.: do not place image or type over the logo)
  • Do not modify the size or position relationships for any element within a logo.
  • Do not use the "Block M" logo in the middle of a word or sentence.
  • Do not turn a logo on its side or upside down.
  • Do not put any logo over images.
  • Do not put any logo over patterned or textured backgrounds.
  • Do not transect or divide the "Block M" logo.
  • Do not rotate logos or place on an angle.
  • Do not create new marks without approval from the Communications and Marketing department.
  • Do not use the same logo more than once on any one piece.
  • "Block M" should be in yellow. "Block M" may be blue if on a yellow background.
  • "Block M" can be grey if in a black and white printed piece.
  • "Block M" must appear as a solid color. Do no show as an outline or add an outline to the original mark.
  • Do not use the Dearborn "Block M" in combination with any other logos without prior written approval from the Communications and Marketing Department.

Guidelines for "Degree" Tagline and Logo

  • When using the tagline in text, keep the wording The Degree that Makes the Difference™.
  • Place a trademark "™" at the end of the tagline and logo.
  • Do not punctuate the logo or tagline.
  • Book Antiqua font is the official font used in the "Degree" logo.
  • For all printed materials created within the University, the "Degree" logo must appear in the lower right corner, unless otherwise indicated by a template. Templates, or large projects, will be created as needed by outside vendors (such as the viewbook).
  • The logo should only be shown in blue or black on a white background; white type on a solid background (NOT YELLOW, as it is too difficult to read – preferably a black or blue background).

Logo Placement

Any logo should be placed in a position of moderate dominance. When looking at a printed piece the logo(s) should be easily found and read by the viewer. For example, any of UM-Dearborn's wordmarks would work well running across the top of an ad, flyer or poster. On the other hand, the "Block M" logos tend to look best if placed at the bottom of a piece. Do not use the same logo more than once on any one page or panel. 

The only logo that has a definite position is the "Degree" logo. It must always appear in the lower right-hand corner of any printed ad, flier, postcard or poster.      

If you have questions about the information above or your intended use of UM-Dearborn logos, please contact Beth Marmarelli at 313-593-5140 or bethmar@umich.edu.

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