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Getting Publicity for News/Events 101

Learn more about promotion channels and resources available to you when promoting your news or events.

At a Glance

General News and Reporter submissions 
Submit at least 2 weeks prior to event and/or Reporter production.

For a list of External Event Calendars 
Request at least 2 weeks prior to event.

Send at least 2 weeks prior to event.

Submit News

Members of UM-Dearborn's community are encouraged to submit information about their news and upcoming events to the Communications team for consideration. The Communications team can help determine the best channels for communicating news to both internal and external audiences. 

Guidelines for News Submissions

News should be submitted in a paragraph format to and include the Who, What, When, Where, Why. What makes this news significant and/or unique should also be identified, as should a contact person.

  • Style Guidelines – UM-Dearborn follows AP Style in all written news/event communications. The UM-Dearborn Style Guide provides clear examples of some commonly used words and phrases. All news submissions should be made utilizing this Style Guide.
  • Timing – All news submissions must be sent to at least two weeks before an event. If information on the event is not provided within this timeframe assistance with publicity cannot be guaranteed.
  • Should include the following:
    • The specific sponsor & co-sponsors such as the department, program, association, etc. (not University of Michigan-Dearborn). This statement should be included on all materials: The University of Michigan-Dearborn does not necessarily endorse speakers’ views.
    • The funding source for the event, if appropriate. For example:  “Partial support provided by the Office of……”
    • An accessibility statement  The University of Michigan-Dearborn is required to make reasonable accommodations for disabled persons who may wish to attend campus events. When requests for accommodations are made, please contact the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office (313-593-5320), who will work with the sponsoring unit and Counseling and Support Services to provide what is required to meet the needs of the attendees. The following is an example of an ADA-compliant statement that must be included on all materials:  Anyone requiring accommodations under the provisions of the ADA should contact (name/number/email address of unit contact) prior to (month/day/year) to allow time for arrangements to be made.
UM-Dearborn calendar of events

All UM-Dearborn events should be posted to the university calendar at least two weeks prior to the event. Anyone with a UM-Dearborn uniqname and password is able to post events on the UM-Dearborn calendar. If you need assistance visit Campus Calendar Event Documentation for step-by-step instructions. Events that have a large campus impact are posted on the Campus Events section on the UM-Dearborn Gateway.

External Event calendars

Local event calendars require a 14-day lead-time to post information about an event. A list of local event calendars is available. In most cases individual departments will be expected to utilize this list to get coverage of an event. This will include emailing information to list contacts about an event and/or posting on website event forms. Additional media outlets may be relevant to your event; please send them information as appropriate. Persons interested in receiving this list, please contact Beth Marmarelli


The campus’s official faculty/staff e-newsletter is published weekly during the academic year. It is distributed via email to all UM-Dearborn faculty and staff as well as a group of retired faculty and staff members and selected community members and media contacts. Reporter highlights campus-wide news and events; students, research, courses and initiatives that represent UM-Dearborn's mission and impact on southeast Michigan; and recent faculty and staff accomplishments. To submit a story, email Beth Marmarelli at least two weeks prior to the publication. 


 Legacy is the magazine of UM-Dearborn and is mailed twice each year to more than 45,000 UM-Dearborn alumni. It's also mailed to a select group of regional and community leaders to keep them informed regarding the news, activities and events happening at the university. The publication highlights the interesting work of UM-Dearborn students, alumni, faculty and staff that consistently demonstrates the impact that the university is making in the region. To submit a story idea, email

Campus Email

The campus community receives a large number of emails; therefore, it is recommended that the other steps provided be followed before sending an email. If it is determined that an email is necessary, a strategic recommendation is that persons send one early notice of an event and one notice just before the event to the general UM-Dearborn email list. Please be courteous when sending these emails and be aware of errors in the email and inappropriate messages.

All Student Email

Faculty and staff with content they would like included in the weekly all student email (sent on Sunday) should complete this Google form.

On-Campus promotion

The Office of Communications and Marketing can assist with general guidance regarding promotion materials. It is required that the correct UM-Dearborn logo be utilized on all materials.

  • Flyers/Signage  Public posting is encouraged on specific bulletin boards across campus. All postings must be stamped for approval by the Office of Student Life, located at 2136 University Center. 
  • Directional signage  To help get visitors to the correct location, signs can be installed by Facilities Planning. For more information contact 313-593-5045.
  • Marquees – Events sponsored by student organizations and/or the university can be promoted on the campus marquees and television screens. Submissions must be made at least 3 weeks in advance and will run for a maximum of two weeks before an event. 
UM-Dearborn Gateway (UM-Dearborn’s homepage on the web)

The Office of Communications and Marketing determines what news content is included on the Gateway and makes the determination of what should be highlighted in these areas based on external appeal. Selected events that have a broad and external university impact are highlighted on the Campus Events section of the Gateway.

UM-Dearborn Social Networks

The university maintains a Twitter feed that can be utilized to promote events. Many other departments and offices also utilize social networks to target specific audiences. If you are interested in having your event included on Twitter, please send the event information to Jessica Bixby at least two weeks prior to the event.

Michigan Journal

The Michigan Journal is published weekly during the fall and winter terms by and for UM-Dearborn students. Submissions must be received a week prior to desired publication and can be sent to

University Record & Record Update (U-M publications)

The University Record is a daily online source of the latest news about U-M tailored specifically for faculty and staff. The print version of University Record is published weekly during the regular academic year, except during scheduled university-wide breaks and serves thousands of active and retired faculty and staff with news and features covering the diverse university community. UM-Dearborn Communications staff is in regular communication with University Record reporters and include these contacts on media distribution lists. They are sent information on interesting faculty research, programs, receive links to UM-Dearborn experts that are quoted in the news and are included on the Reporter distribution list for publication consideration.

Event Photography Guidelines

The university does not have a staff photographer; therefore photography for events cannot be guaranteed. If photography is desired it is your responsibility to secure and pay for a photographer. The Office of Communications and Marketing can provide a list of photographers who have been used on campus whom you can contact regarding your event. If the Communications team plans to highlight an event or program in internal or external communications we will develop a plan with you to secure photography in advance. Please note that in many cases a release form, completed by a legal guardian, is required when minor children are involved and the images will be used to publicize/promote the event.

External Relations

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