Counseling and Disability Services

Disability Services

The mission of Disability Services is to offer aid to differently-abled individuals seeking the opportunity for further learning.

DS is responsible for facilitating UM-Dearborn's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal and state laws designed to remove barriers that may impede the progress of individuals with disabilities.

University of Michigan-Dearborn Commitment to Students with Disabilities

Office of Institutional Equity

UM-Dearborn provides a wide range of services to students with qualifying disabilities to allow them to participate in the mainstream of college life. Students are responsible for their ultimate success in academic and personal programs; however, DS will provide the necessary services to increase success potential.

Services are both highly individualized and based on need; they may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advocacy and referral on campus
  • Orientation to campus resources
  • Course materials in alternative formats
  • Special testing arrangements
  • Access to adaptive equipment and technology

Adaptive Equipment

The following is a list of some of the adaptive technology available on the campus:

Mardigian Library - One station on the ground floor is dedicated for use by persons with disabilities. There are computers with adjustable stands, screen enlargers,  screen reader software and a  large print keyboard. 

College of Business Labs (FCS) - The computer labs for Business students each have one computer with screen enlarger and screen reader software.

CASL Building - Computer labs for student use have Zoom Text, a screen enlarger software available in all labs.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students who believe they are eligible for services must identify themselves and provide current documentation of their disability to the Disability Services offiice.  The documentation is required in order to determine eligibility for services and to assess what services are needed.
  • Students should schedule a meeting before the start of an academic year with the DS Coordinator to discuss specific needs and accommodations.
  • Students must be proactive in seeking accommodations. If adaptive equipment is needed, alternative book format, etc., student should notify DS coordinator as soon as possible before the semester begins.
  • Students with documented disabilities may request modifications, accommodations, or auxiliary aids which will enable them to participate in and benefit from all educational programs and activities.
  • Students must be able to provide for their own personal attendants and items, or other disability needs not related to the academic environment.

University Responsibilities

  • The DS Coordinator will verify that a student has a documented disability.
  • The DS Office will coordinate and/or provide reasonable accommodations.
  • The University has the flexibility to select the specific aid or service it provides, as long as it is effective. Such aids or services are selected in consultation with the student who will use them.
  • At the student's request the DS Office will notify the instructor(s) of the student's accommodation(s).
  • The DS Coordinator serves as a resource for students to assist them in adapting to the university and educates the student about his/her role and responsibility as a self-advocate in the accommodation process.
  • The DS Coordinator works with the faculty, staff and administrators as an advocate and provides support to all parties in the accommodation process.


Students wishing to receive services must register with the DS office.  Please call our office at (313) 593-5430 to set up at appointment with the DS Coordinator, Judith Walker, or stop by our office in the UC, room 2157, 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Some of the academic adjustments and accommodations that may be provided are:

  • early registration
  • extended time on tests
  • tutorial referrals
  • note-takers
  • scanning of textbooks
  • reader/scribe for tests
  • Interpreters for the deaf

Please note that students are only eligible to receive accommodations after they register with the DS office, 2157 UC.  The DS Coordinator will then determine "reasonable accommodations"? and will assist in providing for them at that time.

For more information or to meet with the Disability Staff please call (313) 593-5430 or email