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Diversity Works!

Is diversity a key component in college recruiting? What is the value of workplace diversity? These questions where addressed by several employers visiting our campus to participate in "Diversity Works!" Corporate executives from the following companies discussed the value of diversity in the workplace. Specifically, they shared effective strategies they have implemented to create a more inclusive work environment, discussed successes, challenges and lessons learned. In particular they addressed the impact diversity initiatives have on their business, corporate culture, community and college recruitment.

Featuring the following employer guests:





Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan   

Team Detroit   

Detroit Tigers     


DTE Energy   

U.S. Steel  

Eisbrenner PR 


Michigan Chronicle    


 Top 10 Points from Employers

  • You must have a seamless connection to business, and demonstrate to the psychographic* not just the demographic.
  • You build values with talented people - create the culture that has values
  • Build the relationship, build value, build loyalty.  1) Understand opportunities;  2) Build the relationship prior to the interview;  3) Open up a dialogue with students and campus recruiting
  • Diversity does not stand alone!  Itís an inclusive strategy; people have emotional commitment and value that must be included
  • Itís more than just one process, articulate the barriers if there is exclusion and create an action plan
  • Top leaders have to take the chance to build future leaders
  • There has to be movement to get things rolling - examine non-inclusive language
  • one is here to get fixed, because no one is broken!
  • Leadership must be on board to create an inclusive environment. 
  • Understand there is never just one key moment, you have to customize your efforts around the team

* Psychographic segmentation groups individuals according to their lifestyle; some examples: activities, interests, opinions, and value.