Transfer Students

Life happens. Whether you’re looking to grow an associate into a bachelor’s degree, or you’re simply seeking a new campus home that better suits your needs, we’re here to help. With these tools and resources, you’ll be well equipped to transition to a new college or university seamlessly.

UM-Dearborn students in an advising office

Why Should You File the FAFSA?

Learn just how affordable it can be to earn your college degree

University of Michigan-Dearborn campus tour

5 Reasons to Visit a College Campus

You’re invited! Experience the Dearborn difference for yourself

UM-Dearborn student in advising office

Everything You Need to Know About the Go Blue Guarantee

A Student Financial Aid Advisor explains it all

University of Michigan-Dearborn student reviewing documents with adviser

Transfer Student Checklist

Consider this every transfer student’s to-do list as you transition to a new university

UM-Dearborn students play pool at The Union

How to Maximize a Shorter Time at a 4-Year University

For transfer students, the time spent on campus can be as short as one or two years. Here’s how to make the most of your experience.

UM-Dearborn transfer student Solomon Dudley

Q&A: In Conversation with Solomon Dudley

A current transfer student on the transition to UM-Dearborn

University of Michigan-Dearborn students gathering for study session

Reasons to Complete Your Degree at a 4-Year University — and How to Do it at UM-Dearborn!

Getting to the finish line with a bachelor’s degree opens a world of opportunities

Fall scene with students

Discover Dearborn

Exploring the beauty of Dearborn, Michigan

Commencement at Chrisler Arena

What’s the Value of a College Degree?

Gaining a college education is the best investment you can make for a successful future.

3D CAD drawing

How to Pick Your Major

Exploring UM-Dearborn’s four colleges and areas of study

Dearborn Housing

UM-Dearborn’s Off-Campus Housing Resources

What does it look like to live adjacent to campus?

Students at table behind University Center

4 Reasons to Consider a Commuter Campus

If you’re a Michigan resident exploring universities close to home, consider the many benefits of a commuter campus like ours

Students gathered around a desktop computer

Understanding In-State Tuition

Home-court advantage can save you thousands of dollars in college tuition