Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program and Policy

Under the "Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988" and the "Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1991" the University is required to notify all employees and students of its specific alcohol and drug policy program.
The elements of the policy and program include consequences that may follow the use of alcohol and other drugs, and sanctions that may be applied both by the University and by external authorities. The law requires that individuals be notified of possible sources of assistance for problems that may arise as a result of use. The following material is provided to supplement the comprehensive policies that are being prepared in accordance with the Task Force report.
This policy is intended to educate members of the University community about the health risks associated with the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs and about the resources available for counseling and therapy. In addition, in order to assure a work and learning environment that promotes the University's mission and proper function, the University prohibits unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or illicit drugs by faculty, staff, or students on university property or as a part of any University activity. Federal and state sanctions also apply to such conduct.
Prevention strategies include efforts to change inappropriate community norms regarding alcohol and other drug use, to alter environmental factors that support inappropriate use, and to provide information and skills regarding sensible use.

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