Acquisitions of the Armenian Research Center, February 1, 1996 to February 29, 1996

All items are books unless otherwise identified, and they are arranged, under the headings of "Donations" and "Purchases" (yes, I'm reversing the order), by author.


. Armenien: Wiederentdeckung einer alten Kulturlandschaft [Alternate: Armenien: 5000 Jahre Kunst und Kultur] (Tubingen: Wasmuth Verlag, 1995), 472 pages.

Clark, Francis E. Memories of Many Men in Many Lands (Boston, MA;Chicago, IL: United Society for Christian Endeavor, nd), 704 pages.

Clark, Francis E. Our Journey Around the World: An Illustrated Record of a Year's Travel of Forty Thousand Miles Through India, China, Austrial, New Zealand, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, etc. with Glimpses of Life in Far Off Lands As Seen Through.. (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington & Co., Publishers, 1896), 641 pages.
Secondary author(s): Clark, Harriet E.

Cobb, Stanwood. Islamic Contributions to Civilization (Washington, D.C.: Avalon Press, 1965), 84 pages.

Comnena, Anna. The Alexiad of the Princess Ann Comnena, Being the history of the reign of her father, Alexius I, Emperor of the Romans, 1081-1118 (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., 1967), 439 pages.
Secondary author(s): Dawes, Elizabeth A.S. (trans).

Conquest, Robert. The Great Terror: Stalin's Purge of the Thirties (New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1968), 633 pages.

Constantelos, Demetrios J. Byzantine Philanthrophy and Social Welfare (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1968), 356 pages.

Cooke, W. Henry. Readings in European International Relations, Since 1879 (New York, NY;London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1931), 1060 pages.
Secondary author(s): Stickney, Edith P.

Cretan, Gladys Yessayan. All Except Sammy (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1966), 42 pages.

Davis, Fanny. The Palace of Topkapi in Istanbul (New York, NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1970), 306 pages.

De Amicis, Edmondo. Constantinople (New York, NY: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1885), 326 pages.
Secondary author(s): Tilton, Caroline (trans).

Diehl, Charles. Byzantine Portraits (New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1927), 341 pages.
Secondary author(s): Bell, Harold (trans).

Dunne, Thomas. Ellis Island: A Picture-Text History (New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1971).

Egli, Ernst. Sinan: Der Baumeister Osmanischer Glanzzeit (Stuttgart: Verlag Fur Architektur Erlenbach-Zurich, 1954), 140 pages.

Ekman, E.J. Illustrerad Missionshistoria: Efter Nyaste Kallor (Stockholm: E.J. Ekmans Forlagsexpedition, 1890), 562 pages.

Eliot, T.S. Selected Poems by T.S. Eliot ([Glendale, CA]: Navasart Publishing House, [1996]), 125 pages.
Secondary author(s): Mckertich, Arshavir (trans).

Eren, Nuri. Turkey Today--and Tomorrow: An Experiment in Westernization (New York, NY: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., 1963), 276 pages.

Essad-Bey, Mohamed. Oel und Blut im Orient (Stuttgart;Berlin: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1929), 301 pages.

Fenton, Tom. Quiet Revolution: Cable Television Comes to Central Europe (New York, NY: The Freedom Forum/Media Studies Center, November 1994), 81 pages.

Fisher, W.B. THe Middle East: A Physical, Social and Regional Geography (London: Methuen & Co., Ltd, 1971), 571 pages.

FitzSimon, Martha (ed). The Media and Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War World (New York, NY: The Freedom Forum/Media Studies Center, 1995), 64 pages.

Fodor, Eugene (ed). Fodor's Turkey 1969 (New York, NY: David McKay Company, Inc., 1969), 414 pages.
Secondary author(s): Curtis, William (ed).

Franck, Harry A. A Vagabond in Sovietland: America's Perennial Rambler Goes Tourist (New York, NY: Grosset & Dunlap, Publishers, 1935), 267 pages.

Frye, Richard N. The Heritage of Persia (Cleveland, OH;New York, NY: The World Publishing Company, 1963), 301 pages.

Gautier, Theophile. The Complete Works of Theophile Gautier, Volume V: The Louvre, Constantinople (London;New York, NY: Postletwaite, Taylor & Knowles, Ltd., 1909), 622 pages.
Secondary author(s): DeSumichrast, F.C. (trans).

Gibb, E.J.W. (trans). Ottoman Literature: The Poets and Poetry of Turkey, Translated from the Arabic with Introduction and Special Notes, with Arabian, Persian, and Hebrew Poems, and a Special Introduction (New York, NY;London: M. Walter Dunne, Publisher, 1901), 351 pages.
Secondary author(s): Ion, Theodore P. (trans).

Gibb, Hamilton. Islamic Society and the West: A Study of the Impact of Western Civilization on Moslem Culture in th Near East, Volume One: Islamic Society in the Eighteenth Century, Part I (London: Oxford University Press, 1960), 386 pages.
Secondary author(s): Bowen, Harold.

Gillespie, Arthur. My Turkish Opal from Constantinople (New York, NY: Jos. W. Stern & Co., 1912), 5 pages.
Secondary author(s): Williams, Edna.
This is a music sheet.

Horvat, Janos. The Crucial Facts: Misleading Cues in the News of Central and Eastern Europe During Communism's Collapse (New York, NY: The Freedom Forum/Media Studies Center, December 1993), 27 pages.
Secondary author(s): Szanto, Andras.

Hovhaness, Alan. Hovhaness: Celestial Gate (Cleveland, OH: TELARC, 1995), 79.19 pages.
This is a CD.

J.L.O. Turkish Galop: Most Respectfully dedicated to his Excellence Osman Pascha (Philadelphia, PA: M.D. Swisher, nd), 5 pages.
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Jungmann, Paul. A Reverse Analytical Dictionary of Classical Armenian (Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 1993), 836 pages.
Secondary author(s): Weitenberg, J.J.S.

Liebetrau, Preben. Oriental Rugs in Color (New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1963), 131 pages.
Secondary author(s): John, Katherine (trans).

Patrik, Arakel N. Artsuike: Hushavep (Beirut: Tparan Mshak, 1968), 157 pages.

Patrik, Arakel N. Daniel Varuzhann: Im Husherum [Daniel Varoujan: My Memories] (Beirut: Tp. Mshak, 1968), 151 pages.


. Hishatakaran Erkhariurameay Hobelini Mkhitarean Miabanutean i Venetik 8 Sept. 1701-1901 Sept. 8 (Venice: S. Ghazar, 1901), 218 pages.

. The Music of Armenia, Volume One: Sacred Choral Music (Tucson, AZ: Celestial Harmonies, 1995), 75 MINS pages.
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Barsamian, Mal. Hey Djan!: The Mal Barsamian Ensemble (Burlington, MA: IAN Media Manufacturing, 1996).
Secondary author(s): Berberian, Richard.
This is a CD.

Bedoukian, Paul Z. Hayastani Verabereal Hroaeakan Dramner ew Medalionner [Roman Coins and Medallions Relating to Armenia] (Vienna: Mkhitarean Tparan, 1971), 212 pages.

Gosgarian, Gary. Rough Beast: A Novel (New York, NY: Donald I. Fine, Inc., 1995), 296 pages.

Hanesean, Martiros. Hariur Ksan ev Hing Ameay Hobelean Berayi S. Errordutiun Ekeghetsvoy, 1807-1932 (Pera: Tparan Selamet: Daniel Hovhannesean, 1932), 338 pages.

Hopkirk, Peter. Like Hidden Fire: The Plot to Bring Down the British Empire (New York, NY: Kodansha America, Inc., 1994), 431 pages.

Hovannisian, Richard G. The Republic of Armenia: Volume III From London to Sevres, February-August 1920 (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1996), 534 pages.

Lawlor, Eric. Looking for Osman: One Man's Travels Through the Paradox of Modern Turkey (New York, NY: Vintage Books, 1993), 213 pages.

Lawson, Dominic. End Game: Kasparov vs. Short (New York, NY: Harmony Books, 1994), 253 pages.

Narzakian, Sarkis. Memoirs of Sarkis Narzakian (Ann Arbor, MI: Gomidas Institute, 1995), 247 pages.
Secondary author(s): Narzakian, Garine (trans).

Olcott, Martha Brill. Central Asia's new States: Independence, Foreign Policy, and Regional Security (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Institute of Peace, 1996), 202 pages.

Sassounian, Harut (comp). The Armenian Genocide: Documents and Declarations, 1915-1995 ([Glendale, CA]: 80th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee, 1995), 76 pages.

Temirchean, Vardan Vardapet. Oragir Andrean ev Tadeos Arkepiskoposats ev Patmutun Metsi Tann Kilikioy Katoghikosutean Dprevanuts, 1930-1960 (Beirut: Tparan Mshak, 1960), 185 pages.

Yardumian, Vera. Richard Yardumian: Piano Solos (Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser Co., 1995), 55:08 MINS pages.
This is a CD.

Zarbhanalian, Garegin. Haykakan Hin Dprutean Patmutun (d-zhg dar) Bardzragoyn Dprotsats Hamar (Venice: Mkhitarean Tparan, 1897), 822 pages.

Anania Shirakatsi. Ashkarhatsoyts (Asxarhac'oyc'): The Seventh Century Geography Attributed to Ananias of Shirak: A Facsimile Reproduction of the 1881 Venice Edition of the Long Version of the Text, of the Unique Manuscript (Venice No. 1245) Upon Which It was Based, and (Delmar, NY: Caravan Books, 1994).

Greppin, John A.C. (ed). Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics: Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, September 14-18, 1991 (Delmar, NY: Caravan Books, 1992), 330 pages.

Mekhitarian, Arpag. Treasures of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Jerusalem: Armenian Patriarchate, 1969).

Tashean, H. Hakovbos V. Arshakuni Dramner [Coinage of the Arsacids] (Vienna: Mkhitarean Tparan, 1919, 1960), 2 VOLS pages.
Secondary author(s): Petrowicz, Alexander von.

Zohrapian, Hovhann (ed). Astuatsashunch' Matean Hin ew Now Ktakarants' [Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments] (Delmar, NY: Caravan Books, 1984).