Islam has nothing to do with the Armenian Genocide

The President of the Tribunal wasn't the only person to realize that Islam has nothing to do with the Armenian Genocide. The Sheik ul Islam knew that as well and stood up for that as we see in the following article from the New York Times.

But first a little background: Islam calls for tolerance of "peoples of the book" (i.e. the Bible), and true to this belief the early Sultans set up millets (a self-governing status) for the Christian minorities, which were run by the head religious figure for that minority. Thus, the Armenian Patriarch headed the Armenian millet and the Greek Patriarch headed the Greek millet.

New York Times

September 13, 1915


LONDON, Sept. 13 -- Conditions in Constantinople are described as chaotic by Reuter's correspondent in Athens, who bases his dispatch on statements made by persons arriving in Athens today from the Turkish capital. The correspondent telegrams:

"The resignation from the Cabinet of Sheik ul Islam, representative of the Sultan in religious affairs, is confirmed. He disapproved of the extermination of the Christian elements, against which he protested to the Cabinet. The Greek, Armenian Patriarch has been deprived of all powers.