Partial List of Contents of JSAS 2-5


Alishan, Leonardo P. The Sacred World of Sasna Tsrer: Steps toward an Understanding, 107-140.

Bedoukian, Paul Z. The Single Lion Coronation Coins of Levon I, 97-106.

Hewsen, Robert H. In Search of Tiridates the Great, 11-50.

Hovannisian, Richard G. Scholarship and Politics, 169-186.

Ketchian, Sonia. Anna Akhmatova's Translations from the Armenian: Two Poems by Avetik` Isahakian, 155-168.

Nersoyan, Hagop J. The Why and When of the Armenian Alphabet, 51-72.

Oshagan, Vahé. Pre-Romantic Influence on West Armenian Literature in the Nineteenth Century, 141-154.

Russell, James R. The Name of Zoroaster in Armenian, 3-10.

Sanjian, Avedis K. From the Editor, 1-2.

Sanjian, Avedis K. and Abraham Terian. An Enigmatic Letter of Gregory Magistros, 85-96.

Stone, Michael E. Four Further Armenian Epigraphs from the Sinai, 73-84.

Book Reviews, 187-226.
[The book reviews are individually listed in the print Index ($5 per copy).


Bedrosian, Margaret. Gorky's Letters and the Armenian Ethos, 147-158.

Beledian, Krikor. Hagop Oshagan: Critic, 129-146.

Cowe, S. Peter. A Hitherto Unrecognized Chronicle to the Year A.D. 1272, 15-34.

Guerigian, John L. Amirdovlat` Amasiats`s: His Life and Contributions, 63-92.

Havener, Ivan, O.S.B. The Prologue to the Rule of Benedict, 35-62.

Hewsen, Robert H. In Search of Armenian Nobility: Five Armenian Families of the Ottoman Empire, 93-118.

Russell, James R. Here Comes the Sun: A Poem of Kostandin Erznkats`i, 119-128.

Terian, Abraham. Koriwn's Life of Mashtots` as an Encomium, 1-14.

Book Reviews 159-192.
[The book reviews are individually listed in the print Index ($5 per copy).


Alishan, Leonardo P. Sacred Archetypes and the Armenian Woman, 77-104.

Allen, Jelisaveta S. Sirarpie Der Nersessian: In Memoriam, 1-3.

Anasian, Hakob S. The Turkish Ftvvet and the Armenians, 161-182.

Cowe, S. Peter. An Allegorical Poem by Mkrtich` Naghash and Its Models, 143-156.

Dowsett, Charles. "The Madman Has Come Back Again!": Byron and Armenian, 7-52.

Havener, Ivan, O.S.B. An Early Haysmawurk` "Life" of Benedict of Nursia, 183-208.

Nichanian, Marc. The Retreat of Shahan Shahnur, 53-76.

Peroomian, Rubina. Hagop Oshagan's Literature of Catastrophe: Struggle to Confront the Genocide of 1915, 105-142.

Russell, James R. A Credo for the Children of the Sun, 157-160.

Sanjian, Avedis K. Hakob S. Anasian: In Memorian, 4-6.

Stone, Michael E. The Armenian Book of Ezras, 209-212.

Wilkinson, R.D. The Sculpture of Ancient Armenia, 213-232.

[There were no book reviews in JSAS #4.]


Alexanian, Joseph M. The Text of the Oldest Armenian Gospel Manuscript in America: A Reappraisal of Walters Art Gallery MS 537, 55-64.

Bailey, H.W. Marga-, Mar-qa-, and Mulya-, 153-156.

Bedrosian, Margaret. Expressions of Cultural Marginality in Armenian American Literature, 125- 138.

Burchard, Christoph. More about the Armenian Text of Joseph and Aseneth, 65-80.

Cowe, S. Peter. The Canticle of Azariah and Its Two Armenian Versions, 23-48.

Cox, Claude. Origen's Hexapla and Jerusalem Armenian Manuscript 1925, 49-54.

Dadrian, Vahakn N. The Perversion by Turkish Sources of Russian General Mayewski's Report on the Turko-Armenian Conflict, 139-152.

Leloir, Louis. Eghish and the Bible: Observations on His Homily on the Transfiguration, 3-22.

Merguerian, Barbara J. The Beginnings of Secondary Education for Armenian Women: The Armenian Female Seminary in Constantinople, 103-124.

Morani, Moreno. Three Armenian Etymologies, 173-184.

Nersessian, Vrej. Bernhard Von Breydenbach's Peregrinatio in terram sanctam and Its Significance for the History of Armenian Printing, 91-102.

Russell, James R. The Word Chragamah and the Rites of the Armenian Goddess, 157- 172.

Sanjian, Avedis K. From the Editor, 1-2.

Thomson, Robert W. The Armenian Version of the Gregorian Chronicles, 81-90.

Reviews 185-230
[The book reviews are individually listed in the print Index ($5 per copy.]

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