Contents of JSAS 7

5 From the Editor


9 Mesrob K. Krikorian, Authority and Jurisdiction in the Tradition of the Armenian Church

35 James R. Russell, Grace from Van: A Micro-Historiola

47 Levon Chookaszian, On a Newly-Discovered Carved Wooden Panel

71 Lorne Shirinian, Sir William Watson and the Armenians, 1896-1897

93 David Stephen Calonne, William Saroyan and the Armenian Genocide

101 Barlow Der Mugrdechian, The Formation of an Armenian-American Identity: A Reading of Peter Najarian's Daughters of Memory

Research Notes

115 Robert W. Thomson Academic Publications to Mark the 1700th Anniversary of Christian Armenia

123 Mari A. Firkatian The Vartanants and Varvarian School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1917- 1995

Review Essay

135 Dickran Kouymjian A Final Look at Eastern Asia Minor (Review of T.A. Sinclair, Eastern Turkey: An Architectural and Archaeological Survey, vol. IV)

Book Reviews

143 Paul Jungmann and J.J.S. Weitenberg, A Reverse Analytical Dictionary of Classical Armenian.
Wolfgang Hock

145 Uwe Bl„sing, Armenisches Lehngut im Trkeitrkischen am Beispiel von Hemžin.
Uwe Bl„sing, ArmenischžTrkisch. Etymologische Betrachtungen ausgehend von Materialien aus dem Hemžingebiet nebst einigen Anmerkungen zum Armenischen, insbesondere dem Hemžindialekt.
Michael Job

149 J.J.S. Weitenberg, Parallel Aligned Text and Bilingual Concordance of the Armenian and Greek Versions of the Book of Jonah.
Sebastian P. Brock

151 Christoph Burchard, ed., Armenia and the Bible: Papers Presented to the International Symposium Held at Heidelberg, July 16-19, 1990.
Sergio La Porta

155 John A.C. Greppin, ed., Studies in Classical Armenian Literature.
Armen Haig Ovhanesian

158 Ehsan Yarshater, ed., Encyclopaedia Iranica.
George Bournoutian

159 J.M. Thierry, Monuments arm‚niens du Vaspurakan.
Tom Sinclair

162 Azärbaycan Tarikhi Khäritäläi.
George Bournoutian

166 Marderos Deranian, Hussenig: The origin, history, and destruction of an Armenian town.
Dennis R. Papazian

167 Giusto Traina, Il complesso di Trimalcione. Movsžs Xorenac'i e le origini del pensiero storico armeno.
Boghos Levon Zekiyan

172 Walter E. Kaegi, Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests.
Ara Dostourian

174 Xosrov Anjewac'i, Commentary on the Divine Liturgy.
Robert F. Taft, S.J.

177 Les Lusignans et l'Outre Mer: Actes du Colloque, Poitiers-Lusignan 20-24 octobre 1993.
Vartan Matiossian

180 Rouben Paul Adalian, From Humanism to Rationalism: Armenian Scholarship in the Nineteenth Century.
Dennis R. Papazian

182 Bess P. Vickery, Mount Holyoke Courageous: A Call to the Near East.
Suzanne Elizabeth Moranian

186 Jeremy Salt, Imperialism, Evangelism and the Ottoman Armenians, 1878- 1896.
Barbara J. Merguerian

190 Rouben Paul Adalian, comp. and ed., Guide to The Armenian Genocide in the U.S. Archives, 1915-1918.
Ara Sarafian

192 Hans Werner Neulen, Feldgrau in Jerusalem: Das Levantekorps des kaiserlichen Deutschland.
Hans Werner Neulen, Adler und Halbmond: Das deutsch-türkische Bündnis 1914-1918.
Hilmar Kaiser

193 Mary Mangigian Tarzian, The Armenian Minority Problem, 1914-1934: A Nation's Struggle for Security.
Joseph A. Kechichian

195 Edward Alexander, A Crime of Vengeance: An Armenian Struggle for Justice.
Roger W. Smith

197 Günther Behrendt, Nationalismus in Kurdistan: Vorgeschichte, Entstehungsgeschichte und erste Manifestationen bis 1925.
Hilmar Kaiser

199 Martine Hovanessian, Le lien communautaire. Trois g‚n‚rations d'Arm‚niens.
N‚lida E. Boulgourdjian-Toufeksian

203 Aksim Bozkurt, Das Kurdenproblem in der Türkei. Die Manifestation und Konsolidierung des ethnischen Konflikts und die Frage seiner Lösung.
Hilmar Kaiser

204 Halis Özkan, Völker und Kulturen in Ostanatolien: Beiträge zur Geschichte und Ethnographie des Dorfes Muhundu in Ostanatolien, Regierungsbezirk Tunceli (ehemals Dersim).
Hilmar Kaiser

205 Stina Katchadourian, Efronia: An Armenian Love Story.
Rubina Peroomian

208 Edward Alexander, The Serpent and the Bee: A KGB Chronicle.
Dennis R. Papazian

211 Lorne Shirinian, The Republic of Armenia and the Rethinking of the North-American Diaspora in Literature.
Barlow Der Mugrdechian

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