Invasive Species

Program Length, Season and Appropriate Grade Levels

  • This program lasts 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours, and can be adapted to suit your needs.
  • The program is offered April thru November.
  • Appropriate for Grade Levels 6 –12.

Program Description and Activities

In this program we observe a host of local invasive plant and animal species, and explore their negative impacts on habitats, food webs, biological diversity, soils, and more.

Your students will be engaged in a multifaceted program experience that may include:

  • Investigating examples of local invasive plant or animal species.
  • Differentiating between native, non-native, and invasive plant and animal species.
  • Exploring the role of human activity in the introduction and spread of local invasive species.
  • Taking part in an invasive species removal activity.

State of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) and High School Content Expectations (HSCEs) Applicable to this Program

The Environmental Interpretive Center’s educational programs provide environmental information, hands–on experiences, and inquiry challenges for Michigan students in line with Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) and High School Essential Content Standards and Expectations (HSCEs). Teachers can find a link below to content standards, statements, and grade level expectations applicable to the program "Invasive Species."