Careers in Economics

Thursday, November 8
5 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Social Sciences Building (SSB)

What does it take to find a job?

What skills are employers looking for?

What classes are beneficial to complement an economics major?


Economics Alumni:

Ridha Al-Wishah’08, EDS Engineer with Ford Motor Company and CEO of Al-Wishah Realty Group

Jonathan Bertin’10, Data Scientist with Global Data, Insights & Analytics at Ford Motor Company

Mike Folster’92, Robotics Product Manager with Factory Automation Distributor Behco-MRM

Darragh Punch’15, Research Analyst with North American Powertrain Forecasting at IHS Markit

Dalia Salloum’17, Regional Economist with the State of Michigan Bureau of Labor Market

Joseph Zaciek’14, Research & Industry Analysis Manager with Original Equipment Suppliers Association

will share their experience on the labor market.


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Hosted by:

The Economics Discipline


Prof. Natalia Czap

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