Natural Sciences Colloquium

Friday, November 9
3 p.m.-4 p.m.
Science Learning and Research Center (SLRC)

Students are welcome!


Dr. Aaron Rury

Wayne State University

Title: When Good Excitons Go Bad: Using Structural Dynamics to Understand Trapping in Emergent Semiconductors

The forces on material constituents dictate structural dynamics central to properties. Despite this fact, static material structure is often investigated to explain properties such as radiative relaxation This talk will explore the meaning, characteristics, and importance of structural dynamics to light emission from emerging semiconductors. After examining how interatomic and intermolecular forces drive structural dynamics, we will analyze limiting cases of vibrational spectra resulting from these forces. We will then apply this knowledge to two separate physical systems. In the first, we will use steady-state light scattering spectroscopy to explain the appearance and characteristics of broadband, subgap light emission from self-assembled hybrid organic-inorganic quantum wells. In the second example, we will assess reductions in singlet fission rates of solid tetracene derivatives using ultrafast coherent vibrational spectroscopy. These examples will highlight how investigating structural dynamics of emergent materials can provide critical information to design light emission from semiconductors.


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Department of Natural Sciences


Department of Natural Sciences

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