"Invisible Heroes: African-Americans in Spanish Civil War," Conversation with the filmmakers


Monday, January 30
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Invisible Heroes. African-Americans in Spanish Civil War

Did you know that African-American volunteers fought in the Spanish Civil War for rights that they were not enjoying in their home country?

Join us for a conversation with the filmmakers and producer that created "Invisible Heroes. African-Americans in Spanish Civil War", a documentary that captures this amazing chapter of Spain´s and USA´s history.

2800 North Americans volunteered to defend the Republic of Spain during the Spanish Civil War, but few people know that many of the volunteers were African Americans. This documentary tells their story & their fight for democracy and for the civil rights that were denied to them in their own country.

Hosted by

The International Studies Program


Prof. Jorge Gonzalez del Pozo

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