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Tips for Successful Grading

Once you login to UM-Dearborn Connect and begin entering final grades, remember to submit your grades often. If you are logged in to UM-Dearborn Connect Final Grades for more than 30 minutes without clicking on a link or a button, your login will expire. If your login expires, re-enter your User ID and PIN. Any grades entered after your last submission will be lost.

Review your entered grades carefully. If you notice an error, enter the corrected grade immediately.

All instructors assigned to a course will be able to utilize UM-Dearborn Connect for final grading. For courses that are team taught, it is important that all instructors assigned to course coordinate grade entry. If you are teaching a course that has not been assigned to you in the Banner Student Information System, please contact your department. For your convenience, you may refer to the Faculty Course Assignments listing to review your course assignments, and to determine which grades are valid for your course(s).

Please report and submit the grade for any student not appearing on the Web grade sheet by means of a "Supplementary Grade Report" which is available at your unit office.

Do not leave grades blank. If a student is on your roster who has never attended or stopped attending during the term without explanation, a grade of UE (Unearned Fail) may be assigned.

The following grades may not be changed or entered by an instructor: W (Approved withdrawal or drop), and VI (Audit-not for credit).

When completed with all course grading, log out of the system by clicking the Exit button in the upper right corner of your screen.