Face Covering Non-Compliance Policies

Research shows that transmission of COVID-19 is greatly reduced and lives are saved when all individuals wear face coverings. The University of Michigan Face Covering Policy for COVID-19 requires face coverings be worn inside all UM-Dearborn campus buildings and on campus transportation for all faculty, staff, students and guests. Face coverings are not required outdoors. Face coverings may be removed when actively eating or drinking or when in an office by alone with the door closed. The university has developed procedures for responding to students, faculty and staff who fail to follow the face covering policy.


If a student fails to comply with that policy, then instructors should take the following steps in order to resolve the situation: 

  1. If a student is not wearing a personal face covering in the classroom, the instructor should remind the student --- in private, if possible --- that it is the university’s policy for all individuals on campus to wear a face covering.
  2. If the student fails to comply, then the instructor should ask that the student leave the classroom and only return to class when they are willing and able to attend with the proper personal face coverings. Students may contact Disability and Accessibility Services (DAS) to determine if an accommodation is reasonable under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
  3. If the student continues to refuse to comply, then the instructor must end instruction and dismiss the class. As in any situation in which behavior escalates to the level at which there is a concern for safety, faculty may contact the Department of Police & Public Safety (313-593-5333). 
  4. After having dismissed the class, the instructor should file a CARE report with the Dean of Students’ Office. The student who refused to wear a face covering shall not be allowed to return to class until the case is addressed through the Disruptive Student Behavior policy.

Faculty Face Covering Non Compliance Policy 

Staff Face Coverings Non-Compliance Guidelines

The following steps provide an outline of the process the university shall use when managing situations where a staff member fails to comply with the university’s face coverings policy

  1. If a staff member is seen not wearing a face covering at all times, or consistent violation of social distancing expectations, by any member of the campus community, it should be reported to the immediate supervisor to inform him/her of the incident.
  2. Once a staff non-compliance case is reported, the Human Resources Office, in partnership with the staff member’s supervisor, shall investigate the situation. 
  3. If the staff member has been determined to be non-compliant, the Human Resources Office and supervisor shall work closely together to resolve the matter. 

For non-compliant situations involving staff:

  • First offense: 
    • Conversation with their supervisor about the essential nature of wearing a face covering
    • Documented Verbal Warning (documented with a follow-up email)
  • Second offense: 
    • Written letter of reprimand issued to the staff member and entered into his/her employee file noting the second incident of refusing to wear a face covering
    • Additional sanctions, such as ineligibility for future merit opportunities could be applied.  
  • Third offense: 
    • Progressive disciplinary action, including single day or multi-day unpaid DLO (disciplinary layoff)
    • Additional sanctions, such as discharge could be applied.  
  • Final offense: 
    • DRC (disciplinary review conference) scheduled
    • Discharge from the university
    • Restricted rehire status

Please note: Staff covered by a collective bargaining agreement will follow the appropriate contract language under their respective agreements regarding the discipline and dismissal process.


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