The Dearborn Discovery Core (DDC) evaluation process is intended to assess how the DDC program is operating and whether any needed changes should be made. At the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester, nine committees for each DDC category will begin their evaluation work with the goal of submitting a report to the DDC Subcommittee in February 2019. The DDC category committees shall consist of four faculty members and one non-voting student. The DDC Subcommittee will appoint the faculty members and the Student Government President will select the student representatives.

Once the DDC category committees have finalized their reports, the DDC Subcommittee will write a summary report which will have synthesized the findings and recommendations from each committee. The overall summary report will be submitted to the Faculty Senate by April 2019. Once the Faculty Senate reviews and approves the final report the changes to the DDC will be implemented in the Fall 2019. The revised DDC shall go into effect for freshmen in the Fall 2020 semester and for transfer students in the Winter 2022 semester.

Some of the information to be used to evaluate the DDC will include the DDC assessment reports, general education best-practice research, DDC survey data from students and faculty, and other relevant general education research (For Upper-Level Writing and Capstone categories, examples of student work exemplifying benchmarks will be included).

This page will continue to be populated with updates and reports throughout the DDC Evaluation Process in 2018-2019. 

DDC Category Committees Membership

The DDC category committees shall be supported by Associate Provost Mitch Sollenberger, Assessment Subcommittee Chair Pam Pennock, Academic Success Coordinator Jessica LaGrange, and an academic advisor.

Written and Oral Communication
  • Nick Iannarino, CASL 
  • Mike MacDonald, CASL 
  • P.F. Potvin, CASL 
Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Mahesh Agarwal, CASL 
  • Montaha Macany, CASL 
  • Benjamin Phillips, CASL 
  • Keshav Pokhrel, CASL
Social and Behavioral Analysis
  • Lara Rusch, CASL
  • Nancy Wrobel, CASL
  • Paul Fossum, CEHHS
  • Aaron Ahuvia, COB
Humanities and the Arts
  • Tim Kiska, CASL
  • Anna Muller, CASL
  • Caitlin Finlayson, CASL
  • Danielle DeFauw, CEHHS
Upper-Level Writing Intensive
  • Jim Gilmore, CASL
  • Liz Rohan, CASL
  • Tim Hartge, COB
  • Armen Zakarian, CECS
  • John Chenoweth, CASL
  • LaShorage Shaffer, CEHHS
  • Elif Izberk-Bilgin, COB
  • Nilay Chakraborty , CECS
Natural Sciences
  • Kris Bandyopadhyay, CASL
  • Katherine LaCommare, CASL
  • Claudia Walters, CASL
  • William Clarkson, CASL
Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Mesut Duran, CEHHS
  • Maureen Linker, CASL
  • Michael Rosano, CASL
  • Hafiz Malik, CECS
  • Malayappan Sridhar, CECS
  • Troy Murphy, CASL
  • Julie Roddy, CASL
  • Diana Smrt, COB
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