Commission for Women Committees for 2020-2021

The Commission for Women is always looking for new ideas, volunteers and partners that want to help advance women and girls. Below are all of our committees. You do not have to be a board member to participate in the work of the Commission. We welcome all faculty and staff to engage with what we do. 

Bylaw Review Committee (still needs approval)

This committee will review the current CFW bylaws and make recommendations for changes that will benefit the commission as it moves into a post-pandemic era.  This is not a standing committee and will be disbanded after the work on the bylaws is completed.

  • Sharon Lobdell (Chair)
  • Chelsea Doyle
  • Kate Markotan

General Meeting Committee

This committee plans and executes the Commission's annual meeting, election and luncheon. At this annual event, we welcome all members of the campus community to learn about our work and encourage them to participate.

  • Shan Bao
  • Becky Richardson
  • Judy Walker (Chair)

Program Committee

Each year, the Commission for Women hopes to provide programming that benefits women on our campus. Our programs have covered estate planning and financial literacy. If you have ideas on possible programming that would benefit our campus, please don't hesitate to join this committee. 

  • Caitlin Finlayson
  • Christine Homan (Co-Chair)
  • Anna Muller
  • Sara Neuenschwander (Co-Chair)

Nominations and Elections Committee

This committee helps run our elections. This includes when people's terms are up and also when people step down from the board.

  • Kyung Lee
  • Sharon Lobdell
  • Becky Richardson (Chair)
  • Kate Markotan
  • Heidi Keppen

Professional Development Committee

This committee is the most involved committee. There are at least two rounds of funding per academic year. This committee is responsible for reviewing applications and awarding stipends to people that advance women and girls on campus. 

  • Shan Bao (Co-Chair)
  • Caitlin Finlayson (Co-Chair)
  • Christine Homan
  • Kuyngwon Lee
  • Anna Muller
  • Judy Walker

Publicity Committee

We are looking to expand our publicity and outreach efforts. Are you interested in writing content for the CFW? Would you be willing to design a poster for an upcoming event of ours? Can you perform outreach on the CFW behalf at Staff and Faculty Senate meetings? Do you know of an outstanding student group that is improving the lives of women and girls? There is a lot of good news out there, join this committee to get the word out!

  • Jackie Paten (Chair)
  • Chelsea Doyle
  • Heidi Keppen

Susan B. Anthony Committees

For 40 years, the Commission for Women has provided awards to campus and community members who have actively promoted the advancement of women and girls. This is a large operation and many people are involved with the planning, award selection and silent auction that benefits the CFW's work.

SBA - Overall Planning Committee

  • Shan Bao
  • Susan Flannery
  • Maureen Sytsma

SBA - Award Recipient Selection

  • Susan Flannery
  • Brian McKenna
  • Maureen Sytsma
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