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The Mission of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Office of Facilities Planning is to use our expertise and resources to program, design, and construct a quality physical environment which supports the campus community's quest to achieve full academic potential. We pursue these tasks with deliberate attention to matters of safety, aesthetics, functionality, and budget with a commitment to the integrity of the total campus design. 

Recent Projects

Fairlane Center South Active Learning Classrooms

Classrooms 257 and 272 in FCS were recently renovated and transformed from standard classrooms into active learning classrooms.  For the particular CEHHS discipline taught in these rooms, the furniture was replaced with mobile and nesting tables, new mobile student chairs with bottom book racks, a mobile podium, and new whiteboards.  All of the room finishes were refreshed and much needed electrical outlets and data ports were added.

Before                                                                                              After

Fairlane Center North, conversion to a building for instructional use

The Fairlane Center North building is currently under construction to upgrade the building components, required by the Michigan Bureau of Fire Services (MBFS), so the building can be approved for instructional use. Currently, the building meets code as an office and training facility. This project will prepare the facility so additional classrooms can be created in the building once enrollment growth nears existing capacity.

Fairlane Center North, Student Lounge

The new student lounge in Fairlane Center North was created in time for UM-Dearborn's 2018 Fall term.  It’s look is a bit modern, and a little retro, with touches of bright colors reminiscent of the iconic Carnaby Street. This new lounge was designed to be a place for our students to take a break, socialize, and a study area for those who flourish amidst activity.

Mardigian Library, Active Learning Classroom

A partnership between the Mardigian Library, the Hub for Teaching and Learning, and Information Technology Services led to the creation of the Active Learning Classroom (ALC), which opened this fall in room 1212 of the Mardigian Library.  The large, bright space offers a venue for faculty to try out new technology and furniture styles while experimenting with new teaching pedagogies.  The project participated in a pilot program with Steelcase for the creation of active learning environments, which provided deep discounts on furniture and an opportunity to provide feedback to Steelcase on the use of the room and furniture. We are excited to watch how the room gets used, and to learn how it will drive future classroom renovations across campus.

Facilities Planning

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