Purchasing Process

The University of Michigan-Dearborn, Office of Facilities Planning offers three options for furniture purchases:

  • The University offers an online purchasing process, through M-Marketsite, for orders of one or two pieces of furniture.  A staff member from UM-Dearborn colleges and departments has been designated and trained to make online furniture purchases.  See your department administrative assistant to locate your building or department representative.
  • To purchase multiple pieces of furniture or an office suite, Facilities Planning can work with you to design, select, and manage the entire purchasing process.  To get started, please submit an AIM Work Request.  Room layouts are often necessary to redesign your area for aesthetics, ergonomics, work flow, fire safety codes and ADA requirements. Depending on the complexity, your AIM Request may become a Capital Project Request.
  • New / additional space allocation, design and construction requests are submitted each year as part of the annual budgeting process.  Occasionally, unanticipated capital needs may require consideration outside of this annual cycle. Facilities Planning can select and facilitate projects with external design consultants and space planners to ensure your needs will be satisfied and met in a timely and cost effective manner.  To get started, please submit a Capital Project Request Form.
  • Please visit the University of Michigan-Dearborn Environmental Health and Safety website to view a series of informational videos on the importance of ergonomics and what you can do to make your workspace more comfortable and to learn more about free preventative and medical ergonomic evaluations.

    Often when considering office ergonomics, furniture comes to mind.  While sometimes new furniture may be the solution, more frequently, there is a lower cost solution to the ergonomic issues you may be facing.  Simple adjustments of your current desk, chair, lighting or accessories while keeping simple ergonomic principles in mind may give you the desired result.  Adjustments may increase your comfort in the work space and decrease the possibility of office injuries due to awkward postures and repetitive tasks. Supporting the body properly will provide maximum comfort and higher productivity.

  • UM-Dearborn furniture standards have been developed in consideration of safety, durability, and aesthetics. They are updated annually to reflect current design trends, and modifications to codes. Several companies that specialize in educational and health care furniture make sure they meet these safety standards as a matter of course. UM-Dearborn's furniture guidelines are intended to act as a suggestion for the type of functional need you have. Please submit a Capital Project Request Form for any large areas you may want to furnish, or a simple AiM Work Request for a small area.

  • If you are looking for used furniture for your UM-Dearborn office or department, please consider visiting the ROC.  Typical items that can usually be found in the ROC are vertical and lateral file cabinets, chairs, desks, tables, and bookcases.

    To view UM-Dearborn's furniture surplus in the ROC, please submit an AiM Work Request.  Facilities Planning will contact you to set up an appointment.


  • If your department is in possession of unwanted furniture please fill out an AiM Work Request to have the furniture removed from your area and sent to UM-Dearborn storage, located in the ROC. We, as a facilities team, will make a determination whether the furniture condition warrants reuse or disposal.

    If your items are considered to be "hazardous", such as computers, printers, or other electronics, your department is responsible contacting Environmental Health and Safety to have the equipment removed and disposed of properly and safely.

  • If you have damaged furniture or furniture in need of repair, please submit an AiM Work Request. In many instances, your furniture may still be under a warranty agreement with the vendor.

* University of Michigan's purchasing policy does not allow the use of P-cards for furniture or items in a facility that may pose a life-safety hazard.

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