Collegiate Lectureship Overview & Past Recipients

The Collegiate Lecturer Program is designed to recognize exceptional lecturers. The award is given to lecturers whose teaching record illustrates: (1) excellence in the classroom and the revitalization of courses and curriculum; (2) interaction with students as a mentor, advisor, or group participant; (3) professional growth as a teacher; and (4) commitment to undergraduate or graduate education.Up to two awards will be given annually. One award is reserved for a Lecturer II, the other for a Lecturer IV.

2019 Award Recipient, Gerald Holowicki

Gerald Holowicki, lecturer IV in the Department of Management Studies in the College of Business (COB), is a recipient of the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

Gerald Holowicki joined the faculty of the College of Business in 2008 as a lecturer of supply chain management, bringing his 30 years of industry

experience to the classroom. He initially worked for Unisys Corporation and later ran his own successful consulting company for 16 years. He has taught eight different courses for the College of Business, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Supply chain is challenging content, yet students are highly engaged in Gerry’s classes. His classes are characterized by a focus on real-world applications, through cases and examples. His teaching philosophy seeks to identify the deeper meaning of the content and influence how people think to make a difference in the world. His enthusiasm and excitement for the topic inspires students to invest the effort to learn the concepts. In 2014, he won the College of Business Teacher of the Year award, an award determined by student nominations. He cares about his students and gets to know them on a personal level, offering academic, career, and job-search advice as a mentor. Students note that he reaches out to them to let them know he is available to help clarify course concepts and offer learning resources for students who may be struggling. He learns all his students’ names, which is especially impressive given the large size of his classes and the high number of sections he runs each semester.

He is also active in co-curricular areas. He started the Student Supply Chain Association in 2010 and has served as its chair or co-chair, arranging for guest speakers and site visits to give students exposure. In 2014, he initiated our annual participation in the national Supply Chain Management Association Student Case Competition. In 2016, he launched an annual reunion for Supply Chain Management majors, which has been a successful way to connect alumni and current students. In 2017, he started an internal case competition, which brought industry professionals to campus to judge student case presentations. He is always innovating. We recognize Gerald Holowicki for commitment to his students, alumni, and the supply chain discipline.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn salutes Mr. Holowicki and proudly presents to him the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

2019 Award Recipient, Edward J. Williams

Edward J. Williams, lecturer II in decision sciences in the College of Business (COB), is a recipient of the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

Edward Williams has been dedicated to high quality teaching for nearly 40 years. He joined our University as a lecturer in 1980. Since then he has been teaching very broadly in the College of Business and in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Over his teaching career, he has impressed his colleagues by his wholehearted love and care for students,

inherent dedication to high quality teaching, broad and deep knowledge in his disciplines, and especially well organized and clear presentations in the classroom.

Mr. Williams has taught over 20 different courses at UM-Dearborn. He has an interdisciplinary academic background and industry experience that enables him to teach courses in information technology, simulation, statistics, and management science, with ease and ability. His primary strength is

that he brings relevance to business problems based in his four decades of industry experience with major organizations in Michigan. Our students, a vast majority of whom are industry practitioners, appreciate this exceptional ability and greatly enjoy this aspect of his teaching and class interaction.

Most recently, Mr. Williams’s teaching has focused on decision science and information management, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He is especially outstanding in presenting complicated technical details in a very neat and clear manner for the better understanding of our students. He is prepared and always willing to accept short notice to teach a new course. He painstakingly prepares specific course materials, including video clips, for online teaching. He is highly responsible in modeling and demanding the utmost academic integrity.

Mr. Williams conveys career advice and mentoring to students far beyond the classroom. He inherently cares for students, especially for their career

development. He takes care to actively communicate with students to provide

valuable specific advice for their growth and success in their professions.

To better serve his students, he is enthusiastic in pursuing his own professional development, always keeping his discipline knowledge up to date. He very actively participates in academic conferences, not only

presenting his own work, but also serving as a session chair or as a judge for competitions. Impressively, he has published over 100 research papers in respected academic journals.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn salutes Mr. Edward Williams and proudly presents to him the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

2018 Award Recipient, Susan Baker

Susan Baker, M.B.A., C.P.A., Lecturer of Accounting in the College of Business is the recipient the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

Ms. Baker was a prior recipient of both the Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Czarnecki Collegiate Professorship award. Baker earned her M.B.A. in international finance from the University of Michigan and is a Michigan C.P.A. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting and Spanish is from Alma College.

Prior to joining the College of Business faculty in 2003, Ms. Baker was the Director of Business Operations for Comcast Corporation in metro Detroit. Prior to Comcast, Baker was with CMS Energy Corporation for 8 years working on international merger & acquisition teams, with her last post being the Director of Structured Finance in the Global Finance group. Baker began her career in audit with Arthur Andersen LLP in Detroit, MI and Caracas, Venezuela. Baker serves on the International Task Force of the Michigan Association of C.P.A.s and her professional interests continue in the area of foreign currency accounting and derivatives.

Ms. Baker is dedicated to excellence in the classroom, as supported by her significantly high student evaluations. She has been consistently ranked as a top teacher in the COB over the past 15 years. Ms. Baker’s student evaluations reflect her ability to reach students and bring out their critical thinking skills. She is distinguished from other instructors in the college by her ability to successfully motivate students of all learning styles.

Outside the classroom, Ms. Baker has been the faculty advisor to Beta Alpha Psi. BAP is the international honor society for accounting, finance & information technology professionals. The university’s chapter has consistently won multiple national awards and recognition each year. Ms. Baker is also the Site Champion for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program through the Accounting Aid Society. The purpose of the VITA program is to offer low-income individuals free tax preparation through student volunteers.

Ms. Baker’s involvement in course and curriculum development includes being an active member on the Accounting Faculty Curriculum Committee, which was responsible for our current 4+1 program. She is currently on the COB Scholarship & Awards Committee and the COB Honors Program Task Force. Recently, she also redesigned our graduate International Accounting course. She is also founder and co-director for the Accounting Major Orientation that runs twice a year; nearly 100 accounting majors, as well as industry leaders, and alumni attend the event. She is also the director for the COB’s accounting tutoring program.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Salutes Ms. Susan Baker and proudly presents to her the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

2017 Award Recipient, Deborah Roundtree

Deborah Roundtree began teaching at UM-Dearborn in 2003 and has expanded her role over the past 14 years to include direction of a vibrant Supplemental Instruction program. Among a strong set of talented, scholarly, and dedicated lecturers in her cohort, Deborah Roundtree stands out in exemplifying the characteristics of teaching excellence, outstanding mentorship, and commitment to undergraduate education. She has excelled in teaching courses ranging from introductory to capstone type experiences. Deborah exemplified “engaged” learning long before it was a buzzword on campus.  Students in her introductory courses have received ample opportunity for written reflection as well as hands-on activities and demonstrations which bring theory to life. Student nomination letters included rave reviews of her Abnormal Psychology class, in which she combines didactic lessons with analyses of presentations of mental illness in popular film contexts.           

     Deborah Roundtree’s interaction outside the classroom are even more impressive. Ms. Roundtree was recruited to develop one of the early Supplemental Instruction programs, targeting Introductory Psychology courses. She was so successful that both faculty and their students clamored for expansion of the program. Soon a large number of challenging courses across the curriculum had the added benefit of Supplemental Instruction.  In addition to the tangible results of the program, as demonstrated by a significant decreases in the number of failures and withdrawals, Deborah provides something that is equally valuable to our students, her mentorship of the Supplemental Instruction leaders. These students have gained confidence, leadership skills, teaching experience, and the ability to work collaboratively. As a result, many of them are encouraged to seek further education beyond the walls of UM-Dearborn, seeking higher degrees in medicine, law, psychology and other fields. 

       Deborah is the type of instructor who is continually honing her skills and improving her approach to student learning.  She has demonstrated this with her own self-assessments of teaching and learning, again well before it became a regular requirement of instructors on campus.  Her motivation for professional growth is evident as she sought further training in Supplemental Instruction, organized SI training workshops across 4 units, and helped the SI programs across two CASL departments and the College of Business obtain national certification through the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.  She works towards both her own professional growth and the growth of others who have followed her lead.  All of these efforts are conducted with a commitment and level of professionalism far beyond her pay grade, and her colleagues are honored to see her receive this recognition

2016 Award Recipient, Sheryl Edwards

Sheryl  Edwards, LEO Lecturer II of political science in the Department of Social Sciences in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, is the recipient of the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

Teaching is part of Sheryl Edward's DNA. She has taught an array of political science courses since joining our faculty in January of 2002. Students consistently rave about her courses and, once they've had her in an introductory course, seek out future courses where she can guide them on their intellectual journey. Despite a high teaching load, Sheryl brings great energy to each course. She consistently modifies courses to integrate new content, teaching methods, or assessment tools. Though the large number of students she teaches might lead some to opt for less rigorous assessments, the piles of blue books she's often seen carrying down the halls evince Sheryl's rejection of this approach. It is comforting to know that Sheryl is an integral part of our teaching faculty.

Dedication to enhancing our political science curriculum is another of Sheryl's distinguishing traits. She has identified valuable changes to courses, contributed thoughtfully to the reconfiguration of our major, prepared applications to have POL courses included in the Dearborn Discovery Core, aided development of our program assessment, and enthusiastically integrated service learning opportunities into her classes. More difficult to document, but equally important, are the many subtle ways that Sheryl has affected how we approach teaching and curriculum. She continuously reflects on her own teaching, seeks input from colleagues, and frequently revamps courses that she could easily keep teaching as she has in the past. In the process, she has initiated countless conversations among our faculty members regarding how to improve learning experiences for our students. Her commitment to continuous improvement is a model for her colleagues. She laments evaluation scores that many of us would envy.

Service to the University further defines Sheryl Edwards. Her contributions over the years are too numerous to document here, but a brief summary of recent activities is illustrative. Sheryl has served on the campus Bookstore Committee, serves as a mentor for the Women's Resource Center, volunteered for activities coordinated as part of the campus's Martin Luther King Jr. day of service; staffed departmental tables at the Fall Open House and other campus events; and served as a lead contract negotiator and Dearborn Chair for LEO, advisor to the HUB for Teaching and Learning Resources, faculty sponsor for the Secular Student Alliance and the Political Science Association (PSA), and advisor to the student Social Justice League. Sheryl attends all discipline meetings and departmental meetings, and is on campus more than most tenure-stream faculty members. She is always willing to lend a hand to further student learning or other needs of the department and college. She has done all of this despite her status as a Lec II, which does not require service to the University.

These traits have endeared Sheryl to members of the Social Sciences Department. Her colleagues LEO faculty and tenure-stream faculty, new and veteran faculty, faculty and staff truly value Sheryl's counsel, attentiveness, and company. She is a key member of our department who truly warrants recognition as the 2016 Collegiate Lecturer.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn salutes Professor Edwards and proudly presents her with the Collegiate Lecturer Award.

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