Kudos: Draus, Hong, McAuliffe, McLeer, Roddy, Sampson, Shelton

January 30, 2015

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Paul Draus has been appointed as a member of the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Research Advisory Committee. The committee meets once a month and has four principle responsibilities. The committee reviews all research or program evaluation grants/proposals that employs resources of the Mental Health Authority or engages Mental Health Authority consumers and provides training and orientation for organizations that would like to participate in research or program evaluation but require instruction. The committee seeks to pair organizations with researchers who are interested in community partners; typically these are university-based researchers. The Authority itself is interested in applying for grants and seeks university-based researchers to participate as the principal investigators. One of the principal interests of the Authority is the intersection of mental health services and the corrections system. Another is integrated health care. Draus will serve as authority in both areas.

Seong Hong, associate professor of early childhood education, and Cyndi McAuliffe, Early Childhood Education Center lead teacher, presented "The Role of Graphic Representation: A Drawing to Learn Classroom Study" at the Association for Constructivist Teaching Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. Hong also presented "The Cycle of Inquiry System: A Teacher Development System for Planning and Implementation of Emergent Curriculum for Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers” at the conference.

Dorothy McLeer, EIC program coordinator and interpretive naturalist, and Orin Gelderloos, professor of biology and environmental studies, presented at the National Association for Interpretation National Workshop in November. Their topic was, “Interpretation is for the Birds—And the Flowers and the Trees! Integrating Interpretive Techniques into University and High School Field Classes.” As previously reported, McLeer also received the Master Front Line Interpreter Award at the workshop. The award recognizes interpreters who demonstrate a mastery of interpretive techniques, program development and design of creative projects.

Juliette Roddy, chair of Department of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation (SHAR) House has been awarded a Detroit Community Academic Urban Research Center Small Planning Grant. The resources will support community-based research on recovery and re-entry in Detroit. The effort will result in a submission to the National Institutes of Health. Paul Draus is a co-investigator.

Natalie Sampson, assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Services, is participating in a year-long fellowship with the Reach the Decision Makers program, facilitated by University of California-San Francisco and funded by the Kresge Foundation. Fellows learn to promote evidence-based policy at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency related to environmental reproductive health issues. Sampson is working with local community and academic partners to translate research on cumulative risks to aid decision makers in rulemaking for National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Donald Shelton, chair of the Department of Criminal Justice, presented the keynote luncheon address at the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Annual Meeting in Chicago last fall. He and co-author, Eastern Michigan University Professor Gregg Barak, presented the results of their empirical research titled, “The CSI Myth and Reality: Jurors’, Judges’ and Litigators’ Expectations for Scientific Evidence.”


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