News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: Campus and external grants announced


ORSP Director Retires
After 25 years of dedicated service to our campus, Drew Buchanan, director of ORSP, is retiring effective May 1. His last day of work will be Wednesday, April 30, and we wish him all the best as he begins this exciting new phase of his life!

$158,674 in Campus Grants Announced
At their March 26 meeting, the Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate reviewed 40 applications and awarded 31 campus grants totaling $158,674 to UM-Dearborn faculty and students in the following categories:

CASL Faculty Summer Research Grants – Provide funding to CASL faculty for research projects that are designed to lead to proposals for external funding or other tangible research projects.

  • Anne Danielson-Francois (CASL) $7,000

Dearborn’s Rackham Grants for Faculty Research – Provide funds to assist junior faculty in establishing an active program of research and scholarship. Senior faculty whose proposed research represents a new line of inquiry may also apply, providing they submit a statement describing the ways in which the proposed research is distinctly new.

  • Gargi Ghosh (CECS) $15,000
  • Jian Hu (CECS) $15,000
  • Michael Morris (CASL) $15,000
  • Wencong Su (CECS) $15,000

Educational Enhancement Grants – Enable faculty members to enhance the educational experiences of students through the development of new courses and curricula or the purchase of one-time course materials or equipment.

  • Danielle DeFauw (CEHHS) $1,415
  • Lawrence Radine (CASL) $1,500
  • John Thomas (CASL) $1,200

Faculty Research Initiation and Seed Grants – Provide funding for research projects that are designed to lead to proposals for external funding.

  • Will Clarkson (CASL) $6,000
  • Taehyung Kim (CECS) $6,000
  • Xiaohua Li (CASL) $6,000
  • Carole Mei (CECS) $6,000
  • Zhimin Xi (CECS) $6,000
  • Kai Zeng (CECS) $6,000
  • Oleg Zikanov (CECS) $6,000

Faculty Research Support and Maintenance Grants – Provide funding for research projects in disciplines where there is little chance for external funding.

  • Carolyn Kraus (CASL) $4,500
  • Jamie Lee (CASL) $4,859
  • Joe Lunn (CASL) $2,000
  • John Thomas (CASL) $1,200
  • Kathleen Wider (CASL) $6,000

Graduate Student Research Grants – Provide funds for UM-Dearborn graduate students to conduct independent research projects supervised by a faculty member and completed as part of a degree requirement.

  • Sherika Gibson (Faculty adviser: Jacob Napieralski, CASL) $2,000
  • Molly Manley (Faculty adviser: Paul Draus, CASL) $2,500
  • Wiem Mkaouer (Faculty adviser: Marouane Kessentini, CECS) $2,500
  • Ariel Roddy (Faculty adviser: Paul Draus, CASL) $2,500
  • Kristian Stewart (Faculty adviser: Chris Burke, CEHHS) $2,500

Undergraduate Research Fellowships – Provide stipends to UM-Dearborn undergraduate students whose academic record demonstrates preparedness and commitment to excellence. Students are invited by a faculty adviser to conduct independent research under their direction.

  • Marwa Ayyash (Faculty adviser: Ali Bazzi, CASL) $2,500
  • Ali Ghandour (Faculty adviser: Anne Danielson-Francois, CASL) $2,500
  • Yarong Gu (Faculty adviser: Qiang Zhu, CECS) $2,500
  • Mehdy Haidar (Faculty adviser: Simona Marincean, CASL) $2,500
  • James Matchynski (Faculty adviser: Sheila Smith, CASL) $2,500
  • Zachary Saleh (Faculty adviser: Xiaohua Li, CASL) $2,500

The breakout by college is as follows:


# of Applications

# of Awards

Total $ Awarded













Guidelines for all Campus Grant programs can be found on the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs website at: The submission deadline for the next Campus Grant funding cycle is October 15, 2014.

External Grants Received
GENI-Enabled Vehicular Sensing and Control Networking

Weidong Xiang, electrical and computer engineering, received a one-year $9,000 subaward to serve as a consultant to Wayne State University on their NSF grant. He will advise and coordinate integrating the dedicated short range communications (DSRC) radios that will be used in the project to setup the claimed vehicular communications infrastructure.

Planning Grant for Development of an International Cooperation Joint Laboratory between the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Beijing Jiaotong University
Chris Mi, electrical and computer engineering, was awarded a one-year grant of $21,436 from Beijing Jiaotong University to participate in the first stage of the “International Cooperation Joint Laboratory.” It will be set up based on the National Active Distribution Network Technology Research Center from Beijing Jiaotong University and DOE GATE Center for Electric Transportation led by Mi.

Analysis and Solution Methods for Function Robust Optimization Models
Jian Hu, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, received a $233,174 three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to study optimization models where shape constraints specify the function form and a max/min criterion is used to resolve function ambiguity, referred to as function robust optimization problems.

Monica Porter, enrollment management and student life, received $57,661 from the State of Michigan to fund Year 3 of the Michigan GEAR UP Program. This program is designed to improve high school graduation rates of low-income students and prepare them for success in their postsecondary education.

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