News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: External grants for four CECS faculty

May 19, 2014

External Grants Received

Mechanics of Intraocular Pressure Increase Associated with Genetic Factors
Alan Argento, mechanical engineering, received $10,000 of additional support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Supplement. The REU program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in research programs funded by NSF. This award provides funding for 2 undergraduate students to be actively involved in Dr. Argento’s existing NSF grant.

Model Driven Framework for Audio Forensics
Hafiz Malik, electrical and computer engineering, was awarded a $70,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The use of digital multimedia (audio, video, and images) as evidence in every sector of litigation and criminal justice proceedings is becoming the norm. For digital media to be admitted as evidence in a court of law, its authenticity and integrity must be verified. This requirement is a challenging task, especially in the absence of helping data, such as digital watermarks, and if the media is available in a compressed format only. The availability of powerful, sophisticated, and easy-to-use digital audio manipulation tools has made authenticating the integrity of digital audio even more difficult.

The goal of the project is to investigate reliability, robustness, and computational efficiency of digital audio forensic methods under various targeted attacks, e.g., lossy compression attack. The project aims to develop mathematical tools for modeling and characterizing of microphone nonlinearities (fingerprints), statistical methods for acoustic environment estimation, and system identification based framework for linking an acquisition device to “the” audio recording. The algorithms developed through this project hold the potential for immediate effect in the area of digital audio forensic analysis, particularly in forensic analysis in compressed domain. The expected outcomes include datasets for performance evaluation of audio forensic methods and audio forensics tools robust to targeted attacks.

Unified Wireless Charging and In-Wheel Motor Drive for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Chris Mi, electrical and computer engineering, received an additional $129,509 of funding for task order no. 3 of his grant from Denso International America. This project will study wireless charging for electric vehicles aimed at reducing the size and increasing efficiency of the charger. The sensitivity of coil alignment will be improved by special structure design and control (tuning switching efficiency). In addition, the project will look at in-wheel hub drive motors and how they impact wireless charging.

Mechanical Behavior of Lightweight Engineering Materials under Quasi-Static Loading Conditions: Experiments and Modeling
German Reyes-Villanueva, mechanical engineering, was awarded a $75,300 grant from Roush Industries, Inc. In this research project the mechanical behavior of composite materials supplied by Roush Industries will be investigated. Quasi-static and dynamic tensile, compressive and shear testing will be performed using an Instron 5767 Universal Testing Machine, an MTS 810 Servo-hydraulic Testing System and Single Stage Gas Gun driven Impact Testing Apparatus. In addition, the global and local deformations, strain evolution and distributions within the materials/joints will be examined using a high-resolution, non-contact strain measurement system.

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