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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

Campus Grant Recipients Announced
At their November 19 meeting, the Research Support Committee reviewed Campus Grant applications and awarded more than $77,000 to University of Michigan Dearborn faculty and students in the following categories:

CASL Senior Faculty Grants to Encourage and Reward Scholarship – Provide one course release or stipend to CASL senior faculty who commit to submitting a major external grant proposal, to completing a manuscript to be submitted or resubmitted to a peer-reviewed journal, or to making substantial progress on a book manuscript under contract.

Pamela Aronson (CASL) $3,500
Jacqueline Vansant (CASL) $3,500

EIC Environmental-Sustainability Research Grants – Provide funding for projects related to sustainability, conservation and/or environmental education and research that will result in tangible products (papers, presentations) and proposals for external funding.

Francine Dolins (CASL) $12,000

Faculty Research Initiation and Seed Grants – Provide funding for research projects that are designed to lead to proposals for external funding.

Joshua Akers (CASL) $6,000
John Chenoweth (CASL) $6,000
Bochen Jia (CECS) $4,200
Patrick Lynch (CECS) $4,200
Wencong Su (CECS) $6,000

Faculty Research Support and Maintenance Grants – Provide funding for research projects in disciplines where there is little chance for external funding.

Rayne Allinson (CASL) $6,000
David James (CASL) $5,700
Juliette Roddy (CASL) $6,000

Graduate Student Research Grants – Provide funds for UM-Dearborn graduate students to conduct independent research projects supervised by a faculty member and completed as part of a degree requirement.

Olivia Duval (Faculty adviser: Elizabeth Rohan, CASL) $2,500
Rongheng Li (Faculty adviser: Ben Li, CECS) $2,500
Mian Wang (Faculty adviser: Nilay Chakraborty, CECS) $2,500
Zhengtuo Zhao (Faculty adviser: Joe Lo, CECS) $2,500

Small Grants for Faculty Research – Provide modest funds to full-time faculty for research and other scholarly activities.

Will Clarkson (CASL) $800
Marouane Kessentini (CECS) $800

Undergraduate Research Fellowships – Provide stipends to UM-Dearborn undergraduate students whose academic record demonstrates preparedness and commitment to excellence. Students are invited by a faculty adviser to conduct independent research under their direction.

Quinn Osgood (Faculty adviser: Nilay Chakraborty, CECS) $2,500

In addition to the Campus Grants announced, the following Professional Development Grants were awarded to provide funds to enhance and strengthen the academic programs of UM-Dearborn by supporting the professional and personal growth of our faculty and lecturers.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Professional Development Grant Recipients
Joshua Akers (CASL) $900
Hani Bawardi (CASL) $900
Scott DeGregorio (CASL) $900
Paul Draus (CASL) $900
Jun He (COB) $900
Georgina Hickey (CASL) $900
Junghyun Lee (COB) $900
Emily Luxon (CASL) $900
Francia Martinez (CASL) $900
Jacob Napieralski (CASL) $900
Nehal Patel (CASL) $900
Margaret Rathouz (CASL) $900
Juliette Roddy (CASL) $900
Taehyun Shim (CECS) $900
Vivek Singh (COB) $900
Qin Wang (COB) $900
Matthew Wimble (COB) $900

Lecturer Professional Development Grant Recipients
Tim Hartge (COB) $678
Liana McMillan (CASL) $900
Joseph Musial (CASL) $900
Philip Potvin (CASL) $900
Richard Robinson (CASL) $802

Guidelines for all Campus Grant programs can be found on the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs website at: The proposal submission deadline for the next Campus Grant funding cycle is February 17, 2014.

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