Nurturing the dream for student teachers

March 21, 2014

Her workday starts around 7 a.m. as she prepares classroom materials and greets students before the first bell sounds.

Corrie Lucier works closely with dozens of students at OW Best Middle School in Dearborn Heights from the time they arrive in the morning until the final bell rings at 3 p.m.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn senior then heads home to grade papers and finalize lesson plans.

“It makes for a very long day,” said Lucier, who is fulfilling her student teaching requirement this semester. “Teaching is not for everyone, but I love it.”

Her student teaching experience this semester has confirmed her dream to pursue a career in middle school education.

“It’s that pivotal moment in a child’s life where they want to be treated like an adult, but they still need some nurturing,” she said.

But Lucier would have struggled to stay afloat financially this semester had it not been for the College of Education, Health, and Human Services’ (CEHHS) Student Teaching Scholarship.

“I wouldn’t have been able to student teach without this scholarship,” she said. “I had maxed out my subsidized and unsubsidized loans. I have two car payments and other financial obligations, so in order to student teach, I absolutely needed this money.”

Last semester, the college awarded $2,000 scholarships to five UM-Dearborn students who were eligible to enroll in student teaching. Lucier and the four other recipients received the scholarship based, in part, on financial need, scholastic achievement, community service and a strong commitment to K-12 education.

“Many of our CEHHS students work 20 hours per week to help pay for their education or to help support their families,” said Susan Everett, chair of UM-Dearborn’s education department. “During the student teaching semester, this becomes difficult since students are in the local schools eight hours a day for 14 weeks.”

Enter the need for a Student Teaching Scholarship.

“Several years ago, our faculty made it a priority to establish a scholarship fund so that we could respond to the needs of deserving students during the student teaching period, since this is a time in our students’ course of preparation when holding down a job simply isn’t feasible,” said Paul Fossum, CEHHS associate dean. “By being able to award these Student Teaching Scholarships, I know that the CEHHS faculty is pleased to be able to act on its longstanding vision and priorities.”

UM-Dearborn’s campus community can support the Student Teaching Scholarship through the annual Faculty and Staff Campaign. The campaign, which kicked off March 19 and runs through April 16, allows faculty and staff to support any area of campus by funding scholarships, expanding campus programs and updating infrastructure.

For more information on how to give back to UM-Dearborn, visit the giving webpage, or contact Annual Giving Director Christina Ayar at 313-593-5130 or

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