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Check out here the most recent select funding opportunities, grouped by college
We collected many resources to keep you positive through what may be a long winter. We hope that you all can try and stay in contact with each other. Join us at Staff Senate meetings or join our casual conversations for faculty and staff. 
CASL professor receives $1M grant for project looking to reverse engineer behavior to better understand humans, our primate cousins, and to prepare for future artificial intelligence development.
The two main email options for staff to use are MCommunity and MyEmma. Learn more about these different communication tools.
The Staff Senate Professional Development committee presents: "Gathering & Growing Series - From Our Home to Your Home"
In every life, rain will fall. And for many, the last year has been a deluge due to the pandemic.
Colleagues share their memories of a beloved computer science professor who died earlier this month.
After a challenging year, it's always nice to know that someone out there is thankful for you. Here is the complete list of messages expressing gratitude for our faculty and staff. Happy Thanksgiving!
You’ve probably noticed the house down the street sold in days — over asking — during a recession and a pandemic. COB Associate Professor Lee Redding explains what’s going on.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Rachel Buzzeo, administrative specialist in CASL's Behavioral Sciences Department.
The pandemic hasn't blunted the momentum of faculty and students who are making AI a promising trendline for UM-Dearborn.
Two UM-Dearborn staff talk about their experience working the polls on Tuesday and why they think everyone should do it at least once.
Speaking with Monica recently, she shared personal stories and professional highlights —  including some helpful advice she received from the Dalai Lama.
Looking at data to see how the pandemic changed the community mental health landscape, one CASL faculty member says people have adjusted to the new virtual environment and telemental health has promise to be an effective delivery service.
In a year full of surprises, the 2020 presidential election results might be just as the polls report. Here’s why.
UM-Dearborn lecturer and ‘Wayne County’s Dr. Fauci’ Mouhanad Hammami talks about what’s worked, the dangers of pandemic fatigue, and how this all might end.
As part of a leading research team, Associate Professor Will Clarkson spent much of the last decade working to assemble an extensive map of the inner regions of the Milky Way galaxy.
A UM-Dearborn engineering professor’s RehabBuddy system could take some of the guesswork out of at-home physical therapy.
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Researchers focused on the five-year changes in property values, community assets, tax rates and cost of doing business within the community.
Understanding and mitigating bias is a lifelong journey.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Sue Steiner, administrative assistant in CASL's Social Sciences Department.
Check out here the most recent select funding opportunities, grouped by college
No doubt — teachers face some serious challenges this school year. But the innovation that’s happening amidst the chaos should give us hope for the future.