Assessment Subcommittee

The Assessment Subcommittee of the University Curriculum and Degree Committee assists in the coordination of university-level assessment and oversees divisional or unit-level assessment, utilizing a distributed model for assessment with local responsibility. The Subcommittee maintains and implements the University Assessment Plan by monitoring and supporting assessment activities in individual units. It also coordinates assessment activities associated with university-level and program-level accreditation. (See the motion establishing the Assessment Subcommittee.)

Assessment Subcommittee Membership Structure

Assessment Subcommittee Chair
Voting Members:
Two members from CASL (2)
One member from CECS (1)
One member from CEHHS (1)
One member from COB (1)

Subcommittee Members:
Chair: Pamela Pennock

Karen Thomas-Brown, CEHHS [08/31/2021]
Caleb Siefert, CASL [08/31/2022]
Claudia Kocher, COB [08/31/2022]
Francia Martinez Valencia, CASL [08/31/2022]
Bochen Jia, CECS [08/31/2022]

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