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The Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee of the University Curriculum and Degree Committee functions as the review and approval body for the Dearborn Discovery Core. (See motion establishing the Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee.)

Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee Membership Structure

Chair (Non-voting except to break a tie)

Voting Members:
Three tenured faculty representatives from CASL  (3)
One tenured faculty representative from CECS (1)
One tenured faculty representative from CEHHS (1)
One tenured faculty representative from COB (1)

Subcommittee Advisors (non-voting):
University Registrar or designee (1)
Library Director or designee (1)
Director of Admissions & Orientation or designee (1)
Assessment Manager or designee (1)
CASL Academic Advising Director (1)
COB Academic Advising Director (1)
CEHHS Academic Advising Director (1)
CECS Academic Advising Director (1)

Current Subcommittee Members

Chair: Pam Pennock, Campus Assessment Coordinator
Peter Oelkers, CASL  [08/31/2020]
Francine Banner, CASL [08/31/2019]
Suzanne Bergeron, CASL [08/31/2019]
Di Ma, CECS [08/31/2019]
Patricia Wren, CEHHS [08/31/2020]
Barbara Klein, COB [08/31/2020]

DDC Meetings

Dearborn Discovery Core meetings will be held three times each academic year.
*There will be no Summer meetings.

Current Academic Year Meeting Agendas, Minutes, & Deadlines

Meeting: October 19, 2018 - Agenda, Approved Minutes

  • Deadline for submission: October 12, 2018

Meeting: March 15, 2019 - Agenda, Approved Minutes

  • Deadline for submission: March 8, 2019

Meeting: April 19, 2019 - Agenda, Approved Minutes

  • Deadline for submission: April 12, 2019

Past Meeting Minutes

Academic Year 2017-2018 Meetings

October 5 - Agenda, Approved Minutes
February 19 - Agenda, Approved Minutes
March 16 - Agenda, Approved Minutes
April 16 - Agenda, Approved Minutes


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