Digital Education Subcommittee Charge & Membership

The Digital Education Subcommittee of UCDC assists in the development and coordination of university-level digital education academic and administrative policies, and provides advice and counsel on the campus's digital education strategy. (See: Digital Education Subcommittee Charter)

Digital Education Membership

Voting Members:
Associate Provost for Digital Education (votes only to break a tie)
One representative from each college

Committee Advisors:
University Coordinator for Online Learning
Library representative
University Registrar
Instructional Designer, HUB

Current Digital Education Subcommittee Members

Chair: Ilir Miteza, Associate Provost for Digital Education
Marie Waung CASL
Paul Watta CECS
David Hill CEHHS
Lee Freeman COB
Chris Casey, University Coordinator of Digital Education
Timothy Taylor, Registrar
Instructional Designer, HUB

Digital Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

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